Facility & Property

Green Sign understands that it is the appearance of a property that attracts potential buyers or causes them to keep on driving. Green Sign Co. can work with you to develop graphics that will reflect your image of professionalism, communicate important information, and generate interest from potential buyers.

Seymour Streetscapes - GSC 750 Series - Custom Selfie Channel Letters

For this unique project, Green Sign Company installed channel letters in the new park! With this sign, visitors can stand on the platform installed to make an exclamation point! This sign creates a fun way for those visiting to interact with the sign! This sign was constructed using aluminum, polycarbonate, and vinyl with LEDs installed on the inside!

Parking Garage LED Traffic & Safety Control Signs

Ensuring that everyone travels safety throughout a parking garage can be a difficult task without the proper signs. Our American Brand LED Traffic and Safety Control Sign are perfect for making sure that everyone see and follow the signs correctly.

Ameriplex-GSC 500 Series-HDU Custom Made Sign

In Indianapolis, IN, Ameriplex had us help them create a sign for their protected wildlife area! This sign was made using our high density urethane that we engrave with custom designs per our customers. This customer had us create a design that can easily be incorporated in nature. It also was made using our premium automotive grade paint to give it the color and additional durability!

Summit Cleaners-GSC 600 Series-Internally Illuminated Sign

Internally Illuminated signs are perfect for grabbing customer attention both day and night! They allow for your sign to be easily seen and allow for your business to grab first impressions literally all day every day! They are also beneficial for businesses such as dentist offices, law offices, college and university campuses, and many other places! Our team is ready to help your business find the perfect custom sign for your business.

Pepper Construction Corporate Office-GSC 200&300 Series-Acrylic Lobby Logo

Green Sign Company has been fortunate to have collaborated many times with Pepper Construction on various projects for other businesses that we were so excited to have them become a customer as well! At their corporate office in Indianapolis, they were in need of some interior lobby signage. We added a sign that was made with glossed black acrylic, polished edges, and an automotive-grade finish. With the addition of this sign to their lobby, it really has an overall industrialized look to it. Perfect for the type of industry that they are in.

D R Real Estate-Subway-GSC 1000 Series-Custom Awning

Subway needed a custom awning, Green Sign Company was ready to help! At Green Sign Company, we offer many different materials, shapes, and sizing options to our customers so that they can go after the design that they are looking for. With the help of our design team, we can assist customers and businesses find their way to the perfect awning for their location!

Genesis Property Development-Shelbyville Parking Garage-GSC 300 Series-Parking Garage Signs

Green Sign Company took on a big project with Shelbyville's new parking garage. Using our premium aluminum and high-intensity prismatic 3M vinyl, road signs are made and help to keep traffic flowing in highly congested areas like parking garages.

House of Thunder-GSC 300 Series- Non-Illuminated Main ID Pylon

This non-lit sign is placed right off of one of the busiest highways in Southeastern Indiana, Highway 46. This sign was made with laminated polymetal and was decorated with premium vinyl graphics. Signs like this one are perfect for businesses that are sometimes a little tucked away off of a busy highway or interstate.

Main Street/Historical Area-GSC 400 Series-Decorative Art Panel System

This custom Mesh Panel System is the first of it's kind here at Green Signs Co. These artistic panels are made with perforated aluminum and are powder-coated to ensure that they last. Working with a local artist helped to add a creative touch to this historical area. Customers can upgrade to the GSC 600 series to add internal premium UL RBG LEDs to bring out the unique designs so they can be enjoyed during darker hours.

AMAZON - Branding & Wayfinding Sign Package

A quick turnaround project needed for Amazon Delivery Warehouse in Greenwood Indiana. The Green Sign Team helped make this happen from permitting, designing, fabrication, and installation of Amazon Directional Signs, Monument Signs, Wall Signs, and installation of interior signs. Green Sign can be your one-stop branding solution!

Faurecia Factory - Translucent Window Film - GSC 100 Series

A perfect solution for commercial windows to help keep the sun from shining into your facility. For this Faurecia location, we used 3M translucent window film to fix our clients problem. Green offers translucent, opaque and many other optioins to help fight the sun from entering your facility. We also offer custom awnings if that is the look you desire.

Conwell Construction & Trucking - Dump Truck 3M Graphics - GSC 100 & 900 Series

Longtime client, Conwell Construction has expanded into trucking materials with two new Peterbilt tri-axle dump trucks. Green Sign developed the Conwell Construction logo in the early '90s. Before decorating the new trucks, we did a few minor adjustments to update his trucking logo. The dump truck graphics are all premium 3M vinyl and completed the job with our certified vinyl graphics installation team. Green Signs thanks the Conwell Team for your ongoing business and congrats on your growth!


This GSC 300/775 Series look goes hand and hand together.The GSC 300 series polymetal aluminum over plastic core sign with premium vinyl graphics background and raised dimensional l letters/logo on this old building the GSC 775 series Goose-Neck lighting really sets off the "historical" feel of the unique design.

Discovery Senior Living - Dimensional Monument ID - GSC 500 Series

The custom dimensional HDU monument ID signage for this facility was designed to provide a classic, professional and high end look to the entrance that will hold a modern aesthetic for years to come.

The Studabaker Studios - INTERIOR BRANDING - GSC 200 SERIES

This interior custom wall signage really stands out with brushed metal mounted on a wood surface giving a modern yet professional look for this office space.

GSC 600 green sign company series internally illuminated multi-tenant cabinet bellville in

Attic SelfStor - Multi-Tenant - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated multi-tenant sign is an inexpensive way to brand your business or facility. Like many of our larger lighted signs, these smaller signs are internally illuminated with premium LED lighting.

GSC 600 green sign company series internally illuminated cabinet bellville in

Attic SelfStor - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated sign is an inexpensive way to brand your business. Like many of our larger lighted signs, these smaller signs are internally illuminated with premium LED lighting.

Bob Poynter - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E Series

While Bob Poynter’s Electronic Message Center is great for informing their customers on promotions. They also added American flags throughout their property to really give it an inviting look and put these photos on there.

GSC 400 Green Sign Series Wayfinding Directional Signs Best Practice Indianapolis IN

GSC 400 Series - Wayfinding Signs Best Practices

Wayfinding is a critical factor in Visitor Experience During a recent hospital wayfinding project, researchers found: 30% of visitors surveyed were first-time visitors 40% visited rarely (1-2 times per year) 1 out of 4 first-time visitors took the wrong elevator 30 % of the visitors went to the wrong building

GSC 900 Green Sign Series Logo Design Totally Blast It Huntingburg IN

Totally Blast It - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Laughing Horse Farm - Hand Crafted Dimensional - GSC 300 Series

This sign was made from High-Density Urethane, that we sand etched, and painted giving it a creative and dimensional look.

Billboard - GSC 610 Series

Green Signs now offers creative, curved LED electronic message centers, for interior and exterior applications. Made in the great USA!

MS Companies - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

A fair amount of our businesses with storefront require channel letters on their facade. The majority of channel letters are made from aluminum, acrylic, vinyl and illuminated with premium LED lighting.

Hitachi Chemical - Main ID - GSC 600E Series

The new Main ID is internally illuminated and carries the Hitachi brand combined with the new Electronic Message Center. An EMC is an excellent communication device for existing team and future employees or applicants.

Trilithic - Multi Tenant Monument - GSC 850 Series

Monument style signs don't have to be just for single tenant facilities. Green Sign offers different options for multi-tenant signage, the Trilithic sign not only has multiple tenants but also assist with logistics.

Wexford Apartment - Monument - GSC 800 Series

Green Signs offers a budget-friendly monument style sign that is perfect for an entryway or directional sign. Monument signs are less expensive than brick and have a quicker turn around time.

Area Lighting by Green Signs - GSC 775 Series

Green Signs offers multiple low voltages LED lighting options that can give you an average ROI of 18 months or less. Call us for a free proposal to help brighten your brand and save you money.

Historical Society - Dimensional Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

When the Decatur County Historical Society requested a custom sign from Green Sign Company we knew that it would need to match the authenticity of Decatur County. We designed a custom sand-etched redwood sign panel with added dimensional gold leaf lettering with a hand-painted image.

Decatur County Parks & Recreation - Custom Archway - GSC 400 Series

Green Sign Company designed and installed this custom archway for the Decatur County Parks and Recreation Department's Sports Complex in Greensburg.

Four Season Retirement - Post Panel Architectural - GSC 400 Series

Four Seasons was an interesting project because we had an existing brick structure that was grandfathered in the old sign ordinance. Green Signs was able to save our client money and allowed them to keep the larger signs by designing and manufacturing a sign that mounted over the existing brick structure.

Green Signs Branding Packages

Green Sign Company is a one-stop experienced sign and lighting company. Our experts in original design, engineering, permitting, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance gives you the advantage to save time, money, and create a cohesive brand.

LED Area Lights - GSC 775 Series

Multiple low voltages LED lighting options to have an ROI of 18 months or less. Call us for a free proposal to help brighten your brand and save you money.

Ossian Billboard - GSC 610 Series

This billboard in Ossian, IN is equipped with front and rear walkways, and a wide crossover walkway, as well as premium, LED light fixtures.

Greensburg Billboards - GSC 610 Series

Green Sign Company offers Billboard Leasing in Greensburg and the surrounding areas.

Bluffton Billboard - GSC 610E Series

This billboard, located in Bluffton, IN, is a true, 16 mm, high-resolution, electronic message center. Electronic Billboards are a great way to advertise and get multiple uses out of one sign.

Consulting Services for Design, Graphics, Directing, Lighting, & Maintaining Your Brand

Green Sign Company is a one-stop shop that will save you time and money. Our expert Designers and Account Reps will work with our skilled technicians to ensure that you get the most out of your brand.

Changeable Frame System for GSC 110 Series Products

Mounting a changeable banner into a rigid aluminum frame system is great for wall graphics and mobile advertising, allowing inexpensive visual change outs.

Patriotic American Flags - GSC 300 Series

Green Sign Company proudly supports our country and its flag. We would love to install an American Flag on the side of your building or install your flagpole & flag.

Skyline Restaurant Pylon Sign - GSC Maintenance

GSC Maintenance programs ensure to keep your brand illuminated and up to date. Offering sign face cleaning, sign pole painting, sign face upgrades, and low voltage LED light conversions.

Bird Nesting in Sign - Maintenance to remove bird nest

Bird Nest Maintenance

We love birds however we understand that your image must be clean and safe our Green Elite Maintenance Agreement solves this problem. Contact us today for more info!


United Artist - Facility and Maintenance

Green Sign Company has done multiple theater locations to help maintain United Artist's brand. A few of the items that we have updated are interior/exterior lighting, neon repair. parking lot, and wall pack lighting.

GSC 600 Series Internally Illuminated Cummins in Columbus, IN

Cummins - Brand Maintenance

Let Green Sign Company help you maintain your brand. We offer night surveys to ensure signs and lighting is properly illuminated and your facility is safe. We also provide yearly cleaning and inspections to ensure your signs and/or lighting is working as it should.


Jackson Place - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

These colorful awnings are a part of the Green Sign 1000 Series for custom made awnings. The slanted shape, aluminum staple in system frames are covered with premium, long-lasting fabric.


Ameriplex Park - Directional and Branding - GSC 400 Series

This all aluminum exterior sign was primed and painted with automotive grade paint and 3M vinyl decal graphics added. You can also add reflective vinyl graphics to your directional and wayfinding signs to make them illuminate when light hits their surface.


Markland Business Park - Multi Tenant with Electronic Message Center - GSC 650E Series

This Multi-Tenant sign helped in promoting the new business park. It is internally illuminated with changeable sign panels and has an electronic message center to keep the community up to date with upcoming events.


Cross County Plaza - Changeable Banner - GSC 110 Series

Green Signs can mount banners on a rigid, aluminum frame system, allowing for inexpensive updates to keep your business looking fresh.


Construction Banner / Mesh Fence Cover - GSC 110 Series

Green Sign Company can provide your company with a custom mesh banner to match your construction project. These temporary banners can provide a visible, safety barrier to keep unwanted guests off your construction site.

GSC 100 Sign Series Vehicle Wrap Carmel Indiana

Engledow Group - Vehicle Wraps - GSC 100 Series

VEHICLE BRANDING TRAVELS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO! With our eco-friendly 3M high resolution digital printed wraps and cutting edge technology, Green Sign Company has helped Engledow take their business to the next level!