Project Coordinator Assistant

Job Summary

The basic function of the Project Coordinator Assistant at Green Sign Co., Inc. is to be the driving force behind outside sales and service at Green Sign Co.

The Project Coordinator Assistant is expected to have good communication and a positive working relationship with Customers, Suppliers, Accounting, Designer, Production, Sales Team, Permit Coordinator, CEO and Processor at Green Sign Co.

Responsibilities and Duties

The principal duties and responsibilities of the Project Coordinator Assistant consist of, but are not limited to the following:

Be the Leader in following up on work order “open items”

  • Estimate the Job
  • Schedule Preliminary Layout with Account Rep
  • Customer Approval
  • Permitting Updates
  • Order Materials
  • Handoff to Processor for scheduling and receiving
  • Read and review work order paperwork; Account Rep MUST have all GSC required documentation (deposit, signatures, etc.) before allowing work order to enter the process.
  • Fill out Order Document for ALL purchases.
  • When ordering any new item request an MSDS sheet. Have a meeting with all prior to using this product. A copy of the MSDS sheet must be filed in-house, in all trucks and a copy given to the Safety Coordinator.
  • Order products according to work order and or inventory checklist
  • Suggest large items be shipped directly to site (ex. Steel sign supports, large awnings, or large quantity of items)
  • Be consistent and satisfy software systems and accounting for accuracy
  • Make sure inventory of Substrates, Service Items, ballasts, power supplies, lamps, etc. are rotated to save the company money.
  • Ensure work order stays on the timeline and within budget.
  • Check Inventory prior to ordering and label material with WO# if needed
  • Follow up with scheduled items daily, including subs and supplier’s weekly
  • Understand your products (sign series) , your customers, and how to build a bridge between the two. (list your notes in outlook and or Cyrious software)
  • Use specialized software for estimating- Excel, Corel, Photoshop, Cyrious, and any new software as needed
  • Update Parts and Product Set-up in Cyrious/Control when there is a change in vendor’s pricing
  • Understand the entire process of Green Sign Co. and educate your customers of these procedures. Inform customer of who is in charge of what as needed.
  • Work with Permit Coordinator for your work orders by getting onsite contact information (landlord, ect.) Explain the process to the customers.
  • Prepare accurate estimate, budget, production notes, and who is in charge of what on each work order. (be the doctor)
  • Get customer approval, deposit if required, landlord and city info as needed, 811 dig located, unique install notes, odd work hours, grass areas, ditches, special equipment needed, or danger notes for overhead lines ect.
  • Prepare budget sheet (in detail) per work order for processor and email all as needed. (Research of new products prior to estimating all new products needs to have CEO approval.)
  • Ensure approval procedures are followed. The work order must be accurate before handing off to Permit Dept, Designer, Production Manager, or Processor.
  • Listen to Account Rep/Customer and take accurate notes in Outlook and Cyrious as needed.
  • Attend variance meeting as needed with Permit Coordinator
  • For previous work orders, pull files, copy info for new estimate, work order, or budget. Ensure we made money on the last job, adjust prices as needed.
  • Give Permit Coordinator adequate time to research code for address/allowed signage
  • Collect exempt form prior to estimating or making work order for those customers that apply. (non-profit organizations and resellers) (must keep a copy of the form in the hard file, make a copy for accounting and update Cyrious software to exclude tax.)
  • Work with Permit Coordinator for your jobs; assist Permitting and Processor by getting onsite contact information
  • Keep proper documentation of jobs, customer, potential customers, and mileage in proper locations.
  • Update and inventory and maintenance of your area, keep your area clean and organized.
  • Adapt to trends in all industries to gain more business/ research clients and their competition.
  • Participate in weekly company meetings

Qualifications and Skills

  • Prefer Sales or Estimating (Quoting) Experience 3-5 years.
  • Must have and keep a valid Driver’s License.
  • Must have computer experience and the ability to learn specialized software programs in a timely manner.
  • Must have great oral and written communication skills.
  • Must have a great ability to distinguish colors and read sign layouts, building & plat maps
  • Must be mechanically inclined.
  • Must be able to operate any signage software that we sell.
  • Know all GSC Sign Series, Products, substrates, and limitations
  • Knowing and understanding City codes for your territory.
  • Must be honest with clients and team at all times.
  • Must have excellent math skills.