GSC Extended Series

Acrylic & Polycarbonate Care Instructions - GSC 200, 300, & 600 Series

Acrylic and Polycarbonate are both relatively soft materials and scratch easily if not taken care of. They also naturally build up a static charge and attract dirt and dust like a magnet. Without the ...[Read More]

Vehicle Wrap Care Instructions - GSC 100 Series

So you have a fantastic new wrap for your business on your vehicle. Now what? How do you take care of it? What are the things you need to do to keep it looking great for as long as possible? For these...[Read More]

Comfort Inn - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

This Comfort Inn location is Wilder, KY was having trouble with "OMF" and "Star Burst" not illuminating. Our professional service technician was able to repair the sign with new n...[Read More]

Skyline Restaurant Pylon Sign - GSC Maintenance

GSC Maintenance programs ensure to keep your brand illuminated and up to date. Offering sign face cleaning, sign pole painting, sign face upgrades, and low voltage LED light conversions.

Casino - Maintenance and Branding

A lot of Casinos rely on the sign and lighting industry to help maintain their brand. Over the years Green Sign Company has assisted many different Casinos with upgrading and repairing their interior...[Read More]
Bird Nesting in Sign - Maintenance to remove bird nest

Bird Nest Maintenance

We love birds however we understand that your image must be clean and safe our Green Elite Maintenance Agreement solves this problem. Contact us today for more info!
United Artist: Maintenance & Repair

United Artist - Facility and Maintenance

Green Sign Company has done multiple theater locations to help maintain United Artist's brand. A few of the items that we have updated are interior/exterior lighting, neon repair. parking lot, an...[Read More]