Awnings & Canopies

GSC 1000 Series
Green Sign Company can provide your business a custom-made aluminum frame awning with fabric, vinyl and metal cover options. Our awnings average 7 years and the aluminum frame...[Read More]


GSC 610 Series
Billboard structures are engineered to last years ensuring a return on your investment. Standard styles and sizes along with custom shapes are available. as well as with stat...[Read More]

Blade Signs or Flag Mount

GSC 400, 600, 700, & 750 Series
Blade Signs are also known as projecting signs or flag mounts. This type of sign is an effective way to attract the attention of those who don't see the storefront directl...[Read More]

Branding Packages

Green Sign Company provides consultation, design, project management, fabrication and installation services for a variety of interior, exterior, lighting, and digital sign pro...[Read More]

Channel Letters

GSC 750 Series
Brighten up your business at night with internally illuminated or "halo" glow channel letters. We use the newest technology in LED illumination, and proper configuration to gi...[Read More]


GSC 910 Series
At Green Signs we will be by your side through the entire process. Our design and professional lighting team can help you create the best solutions to fit your needs. We also ...[Read More]

Custom Banners / Large Format Signs

GSC 110 Series
At Green Sign Co we can create many different types of custom banners. You can keep employees and bystanders safe with mesh banners around your construction site. Also, you ca...[Read More]

Custom Murals, Artwork, & Sculptures

GSC Custom Series
This company was founded by an artist, and that talent was passed on to his son. At Green Sign Company we not only create custom signs and update lighting, we also really enj...[Read More]

Dimensional Handcrafted

GSC 500 Series
If you are looking for a beautifully handcrafted sign, the design team and Green Sign Company would suggest that you pick from our GSC 500 Sign Series. These signs are made ou...[Read More]

Directional, Informational & Wayfinding

GSC 400 Series
A well designed and properly placed sign can generate thousands of impressions while helping build awareness throughout the community. Green Sign Company offers many different...[Read More]

Display Case

GSC 200 Series
Our custom made display cases are designed to accent and compliment the environment chosen for installation. Often called a "trophy case" our cases offer internal li...[Read More]

Donor Recognition

GSC 200
This series is dedicated to our donor recognition projects. These plaques or signs are creatively designed and typically mounted on a wall in a centralized location. Donor are...[Read More]

Edge-Lit Acrylic Lighted Signs

GSC 200 Edge Series
Very cool and affordable interior edge-lit lighted logo sign. Great for conference room logo signs, lobby signs, wayfinding lighted signs, and more. Green Signs 200 Edge Ser...[Read More]

Electronic Message Centers / Digital Signs

GSC 600E Series
If you want the versatility of communication with everyone that can see your sign, then you should add an Electronic Message Center / Digital Sign. EMCs are a great way to inf...[Read More]

General Signs & Flags

GSC 300 Series
Typically used for informing or directing clients with a simple image and icon. Popular substrates for these products are aluminum and PVC backgrounds covered with temporary o...[Read More]

Goose-Neck Lighting

GSC 775 Series
New modern look with a old school feel. This GSC 775 Series is the next best thing with the perfect amount of lighting added to your sign in just the right places due to the a...[Read More]

Graphic Decals

GSC 100 Series
Green Signs can provide graphic decals for one of your vehicles or for a whole fleet of vehicles. We can create many different options that would work best for your business w...[Read More]

Green Guard Safety Signs & Sneeze Guards

GSC 200 Green Guard Series
We are here to help with your SAFETY needs. Green Guard Series offers standard & custom sneeze guards made of thick clear cast acrylic. Sneeze guards, dividers, base mou...[Read More]

History Timeline Display

GSC 200 Series
Given our own rich history of 30 years and counting, we understand how compelling historical timelines are to employees, clients and visitors to your business or organization....[Read More]


Green Sign Company is on the forefront of innovation with our cutting edge design, and state of the art products.

Interior & Exterior LED Lighting

GSC 775 Series
Illuminated Border Lighting is a great product for getting attention and adding an architectural light to the perimeter of your building inside and out. By using high output, ...[Read More]

Interior Branding & Wayfinding

GSC 200 Series
A thorough, well-planned sign and graphics program allows your facility to operate smoothly; reassuring your guests or patient, at the same time enhancing your brand and image...[Read More]

Lighted signs / Internally illuminated signs / Monument signs

GSC 600 Series
Grab the attention of the motorist passing by from dusk until dawn with an internally illuminated cabinet sign. Green Sign Co. uses the latest technology in LED lighting that ...[Read More]

Logo Design

GSC 900 Series
An ideal logo displays your vision by grabbing attention, making a statement, and etching itself into one's memory. At Green Signs, our professional design team knows prec...[Read More]

Low Voltage LED Conversions

GSC 775 Series
Green Sign Co has been repairing and maintaining signs and lighting since Billy Green first started the business in 1971. With state of the art, eco-friendly LED upgrades we c...[Read More]


GSC Extended Series
Green Signs experienced and certified staff helps to maintain your brand ensuring your investment is protected. We oversee your companies parking lot lights, wall packs, floo...[Read More]


GSC 600 - 750 Series
Marquees are most commonly found at the entrance of hotels, theaters, concert halls and casinos. They are known for extending beyond the entrance with a cache of light bulbs t...[Read More]

Monument Stucco Style Signs

GSC 800 Series
A monument is a cost effective way to give your business a luxury look without breaking the bank. This product would be perfect for any type of business and the installation w...[Read More]

Multi Tenant Signs

GSC 650 Series
Multi-Tenant Signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and a majority of the time they are internally illuminated. Green Sign Company can help you design a modern and sophi...[Read More]


GSC 915 Series
Each city, county, and even states all have different sign ordinances, which can be confusing and overwhelming. Allow our professional Permit Coordinator to handle all of tha...[Read More]

Sign & Lighting Repair

With state of the art, eco-friendly LED upgrades we can help you protect your brand and save you money in the process. Our service technicians are fully trained to remove exis...[Read More]

Trailer Wraps & Bus Graphics

GSC 100 Series
Green Signs eco-friendly, 3M, high resolution, trailer & bus graphics, and cutting-edge technology Green Sign Company can help take your business to the next level. A vehi...[Read More]

Vehicle Graphics & Wraps

GSC 100 Series
Our eco-friendly, 3M, high resolution, vehicle graphics, and cutting-edge technology Green Sign Company can help take your business to the next level. A vehicle wrap is one of...[Read More]

Window Treatments & Graphics

GSC 100 Series
Window graphics and decorations are an inexpensive way to brand, enhance your windows, direct, and advertise to your clients. Green Sign offers perforated, translucent, opaqu...[Read More]