GSC 600 - 750 Series
The Wayne Theatre: Custom Marquee Renovation Project

The Wayne Theatre - GSC 600 Series - Custom Marquee Renovation Project

Green Sign Company had the amazing privilege of helping The Wayne Theatre of Greenville, Ohio renovate their marquee!! This sign is a staple of this historic building and just wouldn't be the same wit...[Read More]

Historic Artcraft Theatre - GSC Custom Theatre Marquee

Artcraft Theatre was built in 1922 with multiple renovations over the years. Green Sign Company is proud to help with some restoration work of the theatre marquee. #theatre #marquee #theatremarquee ...[Read More]

Princess Theatre Marquee- GSC 600 & 750 Series

Our design team, inspired by historical photos from the early 1900's, replicated the old school Marquee sign feel with a modern twist keeping a consistency with the current city branding. Custom l...[Read More]