Multi Tenant Signs

GSC 650 Series
Premier Flats: Custom Internally Illuminated Multi Tenant Sign

Premier Flats - GSC 650 Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Multi Tenant Sign

After the construction of their new apartment complex, Premier Flats needed some signage for the property! Their team reached out to Green Signs and we set them up with our account representative for ...[Read More]
Windrose Health Network: Custom Medical Office Multi Tenant Sign

Windrose Health Network - GSC 650 Series - Custom Medical Office Multi Tenant Sign

Last week, our team completed this GSC 650 Series sign for Windrose Health Network in Hope, IN. Their team reached out needing a new sign for their new location. Our Account Rep. for their area met wi...[Read More]
Keller Williams: Custom Internally Illuminated Multi Tenant Sign

Keller Williams - GSC 650 Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Multi Tenant Sign

As promised, here are the completed photos of the Keller Williams Multi Tenant Sign! This sign is a member of our GSC 650 Series and internally illuminated! Multi Tenant Signs are just as the name sta...[Read More]
Schutte Excavating - Rushville Overlook: Custom Internally Illuminated Main ID Sign

Schutte Excavating - Rushville Overlook - GSC 650 Series - Custom Main ID / Multi-Tenant Sign

While entering Rushville, IN from the South, you'll be greeted with this Custom Main ID Sign that feature Multi-Tenant panels. This sign is internally illuminated making it an awesome site to see at n...[Read More]
Cross Country Plaza Batesville Indiana

The Leathery Co. - Cross Country Plaza - GSC 650 Series - Custom Multi-Tenant Sign

For lots that have multiple different businesses, it can be difficult for travelers to locate the business they are trying to get to. Multi-Tenant signs help ease their frustrations and provide a way ...[Read More]

Franklin Gateway-GSC 600 Series-Multi-Tenant Hi Rise Pylon

For this huge project, Green Sign Company got the opportunity to create a custom sign that will be used for more than one business! Multi-Tenant signs are great for shopping centers, town plazas/squar...[Read More]
GSC 600 green sign company series internally illuminated multi-tenant cabinet bellville in

Attic SelfStor - Multi-Tenant - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated multi-tenant sign is an inexpensive way to brand your business or facility. Like many of our larger lighted signs, these smaller signs are internally illumina...[Read More]
GSC 650 Series Multi Tenant Muncie Market Place Muncie IN

Muncie Market Place - Multi-Tenant Sign - GSC 650 Series

The lettering for the name of the shopping center is made out of non-illuminated channel letters. The tenant panels are double-faced and internally illuminated and can be masked with flexface materia...[Read More]

Trilithic - Multi Tenant Monument - GSC 850 Series

Monument style signs don't have to be just for single tenant facilities. Green Sign offers different options for multi-tenant signage, the Trilithic sign not only has multiple tenants but also as...[Read More]

RE/MAX - Multi-Tenant Sign - GSC 650 / 775 Series

Many Multi-Tenant signs are internally illuminated and this sign was no exception. We also gave it an extra special glow with a blue decorative LED border lighting.
Midland Business Park: Custom Multi Tenant Sign

Markland Business Park - Multi Tenant with Electronic Message Center - GSC 650E Series

This Multi-Tenant sign helped in promoting the new business park. It is internally illuminated with changeable sign panels and has an electronic message center to keep the community up to date with u...[Read More]
Stansted Landing: Custom Multi-Tenant Sign

Stanstead Landing - Multi-Tenant Pylon Sign - GSC 650E Series

This custom curved, multi-tenant pylon sign is internally illuminated with Low Voltage LED lighting.
Dr. Tom Welage: Custom Multi Tenant Sign

Dr. Thomas Welage, O.D. - Internally Illuminated Multi Tenant Sign - GSC 650 Series

Working with our design team, we were able to create a more modern multi-tenant sign for Dr. Welage. This sign has a beautiful stone base and the cabinet is internally illuminated with LED lighting.