Awnings & Canopies

GSC 1000 Series

Rush Memorial Hospital - GSC 600 Series - Custom Hospital Main Entrance Canopy

Our friends over at Rush Memorial Hospital: Indiana reached out wanting to add to their Main Entrance canopy! Our account rep. for their location met with them on location to discuss their goals and i...[Read More]
St. Louis Catholic School: Custom School Awnings

St. Louis Catholic School - GSC 1000 Series - Custom School Awnings

Our team recently completed this awning install at St. Louis Catholic School in Batesville, Indiana!! The team from St. Louis reached out needing new awnings for their main and auditorium entrances. O...[Read More]
Maximum Results Real Estate Inc.: Custom Awnings

Maximum Results Real Estate Inc. - GSC 1000 Series - Custom Awning

Maximum Results Real Estate added a location and needed to make the building their own so, what's better than adding an awning to match your brand colors? Nothin'! Awnings are perfect additions to bus...[Read More]
Baker Design Wear - Custom Awning Night View

Baker Design Wear - GSC 1000 Series - Custom Awning

Baker Design Wear is a small hometown business right here in Greensburg, Indiana. This family owned shop is where many can order embroidered clothing or find their spirit wear for the local teams. The...[Read More]

Billie's Looking Good - GSC 1000 Series - Custom Awnings

For this job, our team helped Billie's Looking Good, a small business in Osgood, Indiana, create a custom awning for the facade of the building. This custom awning features a staple-in system to g...[Read More]

Great Plains Communications - GSC 1000 Series - Custom Awnings

Great Plains Communications (previously, Enhanced Telecommunications) serves many people in the southeastern region of Indiana. Being as we are a part of that region as well, we were happy to help the...[Read More]

Batesville Manufacturing-GSC 1000 Series-Custom Awnings

Green Sign Company had an amazing opportunity to work with Batesville Manufacturing to help them come up with a custom awning design perfect for the front of their Health and Wellness Center. Our awni...[Read More]

D R Real Estate-Subway-GSC 1000 Series-Custom Awning

Subway needed a custom awning, Green Sign Company was ready to help! At Green Sign Company, we offer many different materials, shapes, and sizing options to our customers so that they can go after the...[Read More]

Shirk's International-GSC 1000 Series-Custom Awning

Green Signs Company has been fortunate to have worked with Shirk's International on a handful of projects! They visited us again to upgrade their awning on the front of their building. This custom...[Read More]


This GSC 1000 Series Awning is simple but yet adds the perfect touch to this historical building. Its Premium color fabric, using the staple in system to put together on the aluminum frame makes this...[Read More]

Schmidt Bakery - Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

Home of the Cherry Thing-A-Ling, Schmidt Bakery has been in business for an exceptionally long time. When it came time to update their store frontage we worked closely with them to ensure they stood ...[Read More]
GSC 1000 series awnings & canopies total care pharmacy falmouth, ky

Total Care Pharmacy - Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

Total Care Pharmacy is another franchise that called upon Green Sign Company to complete multiple projects for them. The awnings on the pharmacy in Falmouth, KY are internally illuminated to make ent...[Read More]

Mesco Manufacturing - Entry Way Awning - GSC 1000 Series

At Mesco Manufacturing, our trained technicians installed an illuminated awning for their employee entrance.

Encore Insurance - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

Encore decided to go with the internally illuminated awnings for the facade of their insurance office. These specific awnings have double lamp high output illumination with an egg crate bottom and pro...[Read More]

Dexter Tire - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

Dexter Tire decided to go with the internally illuminated awnings for the facade of their tire shop. These specific awnings have double lamp high output illumination with an egg crate bottom.

Prime Time Restaurant - Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

The main entry dome style Canopy is internally illuminated to help with visibility for patrons entering and exiting the restaurant in the evenings.

Buffalo Wings Restaurant - Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

The awnings for the facade of Buffalo Wings and Rings without a doubt matches the atmosphere of this great restaurant. The design is fun and spunky and makes their business stand out from the rest.

Jimmy Johns Restaurant - GSC 750 & 1000 Series

Green Signs has created awnings for multiple Jimmy John's locations. Jimmy John's likes to be consistent with their branding and we take pride in matching all of Jimmy John's graphics and ...[Read More]

Langen Meats - Awnings & Canopies - 1000 Series

This small hometown butcher shop's awning is made from our all aluminum frame, staple-in system and covered with premium awning fabric.

Jackson Place - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

These colorful awnings are a part of the Green Sign 1000 Series for custom made awnings. The slanted shape, aluminum staple in system frames are covered with premium, long-lasting fabric.
GSC 1000 Series illuminate custom arch canopy rushville IN

City of Rushville Farmer's Market - Illuminated Custom Arch Canopy & Window Graphics - GSC 100 & 1000 Series

This project consisted of 2 phases. Phase 1 we installed the vinyl graphics to the windows and the bathroom logos to the doors. Phase 2 consisted of the fabrication and installation of the illuminat...[Read More]
Faurecia: Custom Awnings

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

When Faurecia needed custom awnings installed, they contacted Green Sign Company to build and install them in their Columbus, Indiana manufacturing facility. #manufacturing #awnings