Schools & Government

Most of our School & Government Signs now have Electronic Message Centers (EMC). If you want the versatility of communication with everyone that sees your sign, then you should add an Electronic Message Center. Well designed Electronic Message Centers are the best way to inform the community of upcoming events and recognize top officials and students.

We can retro fit an Electronic Message Center to replace an old, manual marquee. Along with re-branding the existing sign giving your institution a fresh new look.

Jackson County Judicial Center- GSC 300 Series- Exterior Flag Poles

Jackson County Judicial Center added two new flag poles to the front of their building. They add a great touch to the outside of any municipal building!

Main Street Greensburg - GSC 600 Mesh Series - Decorative Art Panel System

This new custom Mesh Series is the first of it's kind here at Green Sign Co. By working with the city of Greensburg and local artists, we were able to come up with a few unique pieces that pull Main Street together. These mesh panels are made with perforated aluminum and a powder coating that are sure to last. Also adding internal premium UL rated RBG LEDs to the panels will allow them to stand out at night, as well as show off the beautiful designs by the artist.

City of Greensburg & Rotary - Electronic Digital Community Board & Branding - GSC 600E Series

A joint project between the City of Greensburg and Greensburg Rotary. Branding for both organizations and a community electronic message centers / digital LED screen. The new digital LED screen will allow communication between the City and Citizens. #digitalcitysigns #electronicsigns #cityfogreensburg #rotary

Green Guard Sneeze Guards - GSC 200 Green Guard Series

GSC 200 Green Guard Series - Sneeze Guards available in standard or custom shapes and sizes at an affordable price. #sneezeguards #safetydecals #greenguard

Greenfield Intermediate School - GSC 600E Series

Greenfield needed an sign upgrade along with an affordable way to communicate with kids, parents and the public. Green Sign Electronic Message Center / GSC 600E Series signage is a perfect fit. Affordable American made sign products with ability to program this new electronic message LED sign offsite. This design format is one of many that Green Sign Co offers its school clients.

Festival County Visitors Center - GSC 600 / 750 Series Blade Sign Series

NEW BLADE SIGN (corner mount)- GSC 600 / 750 Series - Custom Aluminum Shaped Double Sided Flag Mounted Cabinet - decorated with premium nuance paint finish - border - Green Signs Trimless Glow Dimensional LED Channel Letters - Professional Installed in Historic Downtown


Green Signs helped out Mississippi State University with some on the road advertising with their new custom trailer wrap. This GSC 100 series wrap was made out of our hi-performance 3M vinyl with high resolution eco-friendly Eco-Ink. This on the road advertising is sure to catch some attention!


What better way to show school pride than with this GSC 100 Series premium vinyl bus wrap we did for Rushville IN school corporation. You can definitely see these Lions coming your way!


Flatrock-Hawcreek School Corporation in Hope IN was due for a new sign introducing all their schools as one and what better design team to do the job than us here at Green Signs. This sign was huge in size as well as in our creative design. With the high resolution Electronic Message Center and custom dimensional letters/Jet logo this sign definitely is a eye catcher and a great gateway for the schools.


With using our GSC 300 Series these stunning premium satin brushed aluminium exterior flag poles add the perfect touch to the outside of this building. The flag design continues to flow into the inside interior of the facility with custom made flag poles/brackets on the wall.

Greensburg Public Library - Custom Electronic Message Center & Directionals - GSC 600e Series

This project was a wonderful opportunity for our award winning design team to custom build a sign for the new Public Library Branding. An Electronic Message Center was included and will be a fantastic communication tool to reach the community members in which it serves.

Greensburg Junior High School - Interior Custom Display Case - GSC 200 Series

This custom display case was designed with the school colors and mascot in mind. We provided a solution for their need to display plaques for their "Freeland Award"in a busy hallway for students and staff to enjoy every day.

Ivy Tech Community College - Trailer Wrap - GSC 100 SERIES

When you place your branding on a mobile unit that travels, you increase your business exposure exponentially! With our eco-friendly 3M high resolution digital printed wraps, cutting edge technology and expert installers, we are able to transform any vehicle, or in this case a trailer, into an eye catching communication tool for your business.

Rushville, IN City Center - GSC 600 & 750 Series

Keeping in consistency with the current city branding, our design team combined many different sign elements to this project. With custom lighting for the Princess Theatre marquee, internally illuminated trimless channel letters for the 'City Center' and internally illuminated blade signs for Ivy Technical College and the Princess Theatre, the entrance to this historical building is impressive and demands a lot of attention from anyone within eye sight.

GSC 600 - Blade Sign - Flag Mount - Ivy Tech - Rushville IN - Green Signs - College Signs

Ivy Tech College - Internally Illuminated Blade Sign - GSC 600 SERIES

This internally illuminated blade sign offers a clean modern look consistent with the Ivy Tech College branding offering high visibility so college students and visitors can easily find the entrance.

Green Signs - Wayfinding - Middle School Sign - Entrance Sign - Indiana - Danville - Fabrication

Danville Middle School - WAYFINDING SIGNAGE - GSC 400 SERIES

To continue the Danville Community Schools branding update, these way-finding signs were installed on existing entrances at the middle school to provide a modern aesthetic with a clean design that will last for many years to come.

Maxwell Intermediate School - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E Series

This contemporary sign is internally illuminated and double-sided so it can be seen from any direction at any time of the day. As an added touch, Maxwell Intermediate School wanted to keep their community up to date with an American made electronic message center.

City of Batesville - Custom Changable Banners - GSC 110 Series

Here at Green Sign Company, we were pleased to help the town of Batesville, Indiana honor their current and former service men and women with customized GSC 110 Series banners. These changeable, flag-mounted banners with decorative brackets were proudly displayed throughout town, each displaying the name and picture of an individual, along with the branch in which they served our country.

Cross County Plaza - Changeable Banner - GSC 110 Series

Green Signs can mount banners on a rigid, aluminum frame system, allowing for inexpensive updates to keep your business looking fresh.

Trimless Channel Letters

Traditional trim cap sign making methods are becoming a thing of the past. At Green Sign Company we can design, manufacture, and install the newest Trimless channel letters to give your business a sleek, modern look.


3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sheeting

3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sheeting offers industry-leading retro-reflectivity and legibility accommodating the visual needs of drivers to provide safe roadways. This vinyl also reduces sign illumination from VOA headlights.

Danville High School - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E Series

Danville High School was due to update the school sign and overall branding. We help with refurbishing the existing sign saving the school money and helping solve the branding issue.

City of Batesville Indiana - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Ivy Tech College - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

These metal channel letters are back with premium LED lighting giving them a nice, clean opaque image of their logo and name and giving the "halo" glow effect at night.

Martinsville High School - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 600 & 750 Series

Martinsville High School did a total rebranding to their existing school facade that completely changed the image of their school. The smaller channel letters were made of aluminum and back with LED lighting to give the "halo" glow effect. The large "M"s are internally illuminated and measure approximately 1,100 square feet.

Rush Community Schools - Wayfinding Signage - GSC 400 Series

Green Sign Company designed the wayfinding signs in Rushville, IN to coordinate with other signs throughout the city. This all aluminum signage was made to last for many years, and it was covered with 3M diamond grade reflective vinyl so that is easily seen at night.

Columbus Parks - Dimensional Wall Logo & Lettering - GSC 300 Series

The Columbus Park Foundation dimensional wall logo and lettering was made from routered out aluminum, painted with automotive grade paint and finished with a clear coat for extra protection from the elements.

United States Marines - Interior Graphics - GSC 100 / 200 Series

At Green Sign Company we are a proud supporter of our US Military so it was an absolute pleasure to do this job for them. We used high tack, 3M, contour cut, vinyl graphics that we applied to a prefinished wall.

Decatur County Fire Department - Trailer Graphics - GSC 100 Series

Green Sign Company designed, manufactured and installed a partial, custom trailer wrap for the Decatur County Fire Department.

GSC 400 Series City of Batesville Wayfinding Sign and Design

City of Batesville - Logo & Wayfinding Project - GSC 400 & 900 Series

Green Sign Company not only manufactured and installed the wayfinding signs for the city of Batesville, but we also designed a new logo for the city as a part of our GSC 900 Series. Navigational signs like these are perfect for new visitors that might need a hand in getting to certain parts of the city!

City of Rushville Farmer's Market - Illuminated Custom Arch Canopy & Window Graphics - GSC 100 & 1000 Series

Rushville, IN recently won the Stellar Award for their community and The Farmer's Market was first on the list of many improvements happening in this city.

Most affordable banner brackets

Banner Brackets - GSC 110 Series

There are multiple options for hanging banners one of the most affordable ways is using fiberglass rods. If you are looking for a more ornamental look we prefer the rigid decorative metal rods. For the high wind areas, we do suggest that wind slit be cut into the banner and using spring-loaded banner savers to allow your banner to move with the wind.


Ivy Tech - Decorative Pole Banners - GSC 110 Series

These heavy-duty, flag mount, dual banners are digitally printed over opaque premium banner material with pole pockets and wind slits for added support. This specific type of banner is mounted over cast aluminum and fiberglass hardware. Green Sign Company can also provide spring-loaded hardware for added value.

GSC 750 Series National Guard Channel Letters Lawrenceburg IN

National Guard - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

This sign is part of our GSC 750 series which is are internally illuminated channel letters on a raceway. Green Sign Company suggests that if you leasing your space to mount channel letters on raceway vs. individually.

GSC 600E Sign Series Electronic Message Center Martinsville High School Martinsville Indiana

Martinsville High School - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E Series

Martinsville High School called on Green Sign Company when they needed an Electronic Message Center to inform the community of upcoming events at the school. #OutdoorProgrammableLEDSigns #ElectronicMessageCenter #SignsinIndiana

GSC 600E 750 Sign Series Jennings County High School North Vernon IN

Jennings County High School - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E Series

This massive sign measures approximately 310 square feet. Jennings County High School has really made a huge improvement and now has a better way of informing their community with their Electronic Message Center / Digital Sign. #Digitalschoolsigns #indianasigns #ohiosigns #kentuckysigns