Columbus, Indiana

Grace Lutheran Church-GSC 600e Series-Main ID Monument Sign with EMC

This was an awesome project for GSC to work with Grace Lutheran on. They came to us wanting something that would look amazing to identify their church and at the same time something that would help them communicate quickly and efficiently with their church community members and others! We were happy to assist! They chose to go with a custom monument sign with an Electronic Message Center. This sign was made with aluminum, premium automotive grade paint, acrylic lettering, LED internal illumination, and one of our American Brand electronic message centers.

Columbus Youth Camp-GSC 400 Series-Custom Archway

Located in Columbus, Indiana, you will find this beautifully crafted archway. Entirely custom, the pillars are reinforced with concrete and rebar but finished to perfection! This custom archway was fabricated using steel and aluminum to create the arch. It was painted using our premium automotive grade paint to ensure a long lasting finish!

Summit Cleaners-GSC 600 Series-Internally Illuminated Sign

Internally Illuminated signs are perfect for grabbing customer attention both day and night! They allow for your sign to be easily seen and allow for your business to grab first impressions literally all day every day! They are also beneficial for businesses such as dentist offices, law offices, college and university campuses, and many other places! Our team is ready to help your business find the perfect custom sign for your business.

D R Real Estate-Subway-GSC 1000 Series-Custom Awning

Subway needed a custom awning, Green Sign Company was ready to help! At Green Sign Company, we offer many different materials, shapes, and sizing options to our customers so that they can go after the design that they are looking for. With the help of our design team, we can assist customers and businesses find their way to the perfect awning for their location!

Centra Credit Union-GSC Branding Package-GSC 600 & 750 Series

When Centra Credit Union needed Branding work, Green Signs was able to help them from beginning to end. With our branding package, we were able to help them begin with design, go through fabrication, and end with installation at many of Centra's locations. Being able to be a one-stop-shop for Centra, helped us do the job quickly and with ease. This specific branding package was complete with GSC 750 Series Internally Illuminated Channel Letters, GSC 600 Series Main ID Pylon Signs, and GSC 775 Series Accent Lighting at various locations. Green Signs was very fortunate to work with such a great company like Centra Credit Union. #branding #banksigns #financesigns #custombranding

Anytime Fitness/Starbucks-GSC 650 Series-Internally Illuminated Multi-Tenant Sign

On one of the main and most busy streets of Columbus, Indiana, Green Sign Company had the opportunity to help design and install a sign that would provide notice for two businesses. This sign is a double side cabinet sign. It's constructed of aluminum finished with an automotive-grade paint and polycarbonate UV grade faces. It's also internally illuminated using premium low voltage LEDs. Being that the building is tucked away from the main road, this sign is sure to make it stand out and get the deserved attention. #starbucks #anytimefitness #multitenantsigns #columbus #litsigns

Dorel Hotels-Holiday Inn-GSC 400 Series-Interior Wayfinding Sign

Interior Wayfinding Signs like this one, are perfect for directing hotel guests to the right places. These signs are made with a double aluminum face and vinyl, making them super durable and long-lasting!

Donut Central-GSC 750 Series-Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

These channel letters are internally illuminated with premium low voltage LED's, have translucent vinyl graphics, and acrylic faces. With these channel letters, Donut Central can be seen both day and night. Check them out in Columbus, IN whenever you have your next donut craving. #donuts #channelletters #signs #GreenSignCo.

Faurecia Factory - Translucent Window Film - GSC 100 Series

A perfect solution for commercial windows to help keep the sun from shining into your facility. For this Faurecia location, we used 3M translucent window film to fix our clients problem. Green offers translucent, opaque and many other optioins to help fight the sun from entering your facility. We also offer custom awnings if that is the look you desire.

Conwell Construction & Trucking - Dump Truck 3M Graphics - GSC 100 & 900 Series

Longtime client, Conwell Construction has expanded into trucking materials with two new Peterbilt tri-axle dump trucks. Green Sign developed the Conwell Construction logo in the early '90s. Before decorating the new trucks, we did a few minor adjustments to update his trucking logo. The dump truck graphics are all premium 3M vinyl and completed the job with our certified vinyl graphics installation team. Green Signs thanks the Conwell Team for your ongoing business and congrats on your growth!

Green Guard Sneeze Guards - GSC 200 Green Guard Series

GSC 200 Green Guard Series - Sneeze Guards available in standard or custom shapes and sizes at an affordable price. #sneezeguards #safetydecals #greenguard


Green Signs eco-friendly 3M high resolution digital printed wraps, cutting edge technology and expert installers, we are able to transform any vehicle, in this case a bus, into an eye catching communication tool for your business.

Discovery Senior Living - Dimensional Monument ID - GSC 500 Series

The custom dimensional HDU monument ID signage for this facility was designed to provide a classic, professional and high end look to the entrance that will hold a modern aesthetic for years to come.

Ivy Tech Community College - Trailer Wrap - GSC 100 SERIES

When you place your branding on a mobile unit that travels, you increase your business exposure exponentially! With our eco-friendly 3M high resolution digital printed wraps, cutting edge technology and expert installers, we are able to transform any vehicle, or in this case a trailer, into an eye catching communication tool for your business.

GSC 300 Green Sign Company Series Lindal Group Acrylic Channel Letters & Logo Columbus IN

Lindal Group - Wall Logo & Letters - GSC 300 Series

This sign was made with 1-inch acrylic and finished with automotive grade paint. Although this sign is simple, it makes a huge impact with its clean and modern look.

Dexter Tire - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

Dexter Tire decided to go with the internally illuminated awnings for the facade of their tire shop. These specific awnings have double lamp high output illumination with an egg crate bottom.

Columbus Bowling - Logo Design -GSC 900 Series

Wexford Apartment - Monument - GSC 800 Series

Green Signs offers a budget-friendly monument style sign that is perfect for an entryway or directional sign. Monument signs are less expensive than brick and have a quicker turn around time.

Ivy Tech College - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

These metal channel letters are back with premium LED lighting giving them a nice, clean opaque image of their logo and name and giving the "halo" glow effect at night.

Cummins, Inc. - Channel Letter Logo - GSC 750 Series

One of our favorite types of channel letters at Green Sign Company is the "halo" glow. The interior sign that we created for Cummins, Inc., not only has the "halo' glow but is also internally illuminated with premium LED illumination, giving it an additional ambiance.

4th Street Bar - Custom - GSC 600 / 700 Series

This award-winning, sign design of this retro looking flag mounted sign, is located on 4th Street in downtown Columbus, IN. It is a custom shaped cabinet made from aluminum with internal steel support, exposed bulb and LED lighting, and automotive grade paint finish.

Simmons Winery - Dimensional Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

The custom design, handcrafted, CNC routered logo signs with HDU sign panels, relief background, and dimensional letters were made specifically for Simmons Winery.

MacTac - Architectural Signs - GSC 400 Series

MacTac hired Green Sign Company to design, manufacture and install an all aluminum background sign panel with a hidden shoebox lid and hung with mounting hardware above the entrance of their facility. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to brand the main entrance of your facility, a dimensional logo made from PVC and covered with premium vinyl graphics would be a great option.

Four Season Retirement - Post Panel Architectural - GSC 400 Series

Four Seasons was an interesting project because we had an existing brick structure that was grandfathered in the old sign ordinance. Green Signs was able to save our client money and allowed them to keep the larger signs by designing and manufacturing a sign that mounted over the existing brick structure.

GSC 400 Series Architectural Post Panel Dr Mark A Barr DDS

Dr. Mark A. Barr, DDS - Architectural Post Panel - GSC 400 Series

This custom architectural post panel sign was composed of aluminum faces with an aluminum frame that was painted with automotive grade paint and decorated with 3M vinyl lettering.

Columbus Parks - Dimensional Wall Logo & Lettering - GSC 300 Series

The Columbus Park Foundation dimensional wall logo and lettering was made from routered out aluminum, painted with automotive grade paint and finished with a clear coat for extra protection from the elements.

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Line Signs - GSC 200 / 300 Series

Faurecia uses line signs in their manufacturing facility to help with production and organization. These budget-friendly, trifold, boards allow changeable magnetic production notes to be added and removed for repeat usage.

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Etched Vinyl Graphics - GSC 100 Series

We have worked with Faurecia on many different projects over the years so when it came to upgrading their office windows Green Signs designers knew exactly what would fit with their image.

United States Marines - Interior Graphics - GSC 100 / 200 Series

At Green Sign Company we are a proud supporter of our US Military so it was an absolute pleasure to do this job for them. We used high tack, 3M, contour cut, vinyl graphics that we applied to a prefinished wall.

Cummins - LED Sign Conversions - GSC 775 Series

Over the years Green Sign Company has converted multiple signs for Cummins to low voltage LED. These LED conversions not only have a great ROI, they also spread the light evenly giving the sign a more consistent glow.

Sirloin Stockade - Decorative LED Border Lighting - GSC 775 Series

Many restaurants have LED decorative border surrounding their buildings and the Sirloin Stockade is no exception. This specific type of border used to consist of neon lighting but recently has been upgraded on many businesses to LED lighting.

Most affordable banner brackets

Banner Brackets - GSC 110 Series

There are multiple options for hanging banners one of the most affordable ways is using fiberglass rods. If you are looking for a more ornamental look we prefer the rigid decorative metal rods. For the high wind areas, we do suggest that wind slit be cut into the banner and using spring-loaded banner savers to allow your banner to move with the wind.

GSC 600 Series Internally Illuminated Cummins in Columbus, IN

Cummins - Brand Maintenance

Let Green Sign Company help you maintain your brand. We offer night surveys to ensure signs and lighting is properly illuminated and your facility is safe. We also provide yearly cleaning and inspections to ensure your signs and/or lighting is working as it should.


Jackson Place - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

These colorful awnings are a part of the Green Sign 1000 Series for custom made awnings. The slanted shape, aluminum staple in system frames are covered with premium, long-lasting fabric.


Ivy Tech - Decorative Pole Banners - GSC 110 Series

These heavy-duty, flag mount, dual banners are digitally printed over opaque premium banner material with pole pockets and wind slits for added support. This specific type of banner is mounted over cast aluminum and fiberglass hardware. Green Sign Company can also provide spring-loaded hardware for added value.


Construction Banner / Mesh Fence Cover - GSC 110 Series

Green Sign Company can provide your company with a custom mesh banner to match your construction project. These temporary banners can provide a visible, safety barrier to keep unwanted guests off your construction site.

Cummins, INC. - Internally Illuminated Monument Sign - GSC 600 Series

This internally illuminated monument sign is part of our GSC 600 series. This sign has a custom translucent face with laser cut dimensional acrylic logo and lettering. We also use premium LED illumination to give this sign that special glow.

Snappy Tomato Pizza - Vinyl Graphics - GSC 100 Series

There so many things that you can do with Vinyl Graphics, from floor to ceiling. At Snappy Tomato we installed vinyl graphics to the wall and the windows to give this pizza place a little extra pizazz.

Indiana Bank & Trust Mini Cooper - Vehicle Wrap - GSC 100 Series

On this Mini Cooper, our professionals installed top of the line high resolution, 3M vinyl graphics. One of our favorite features of this project is Benjamin Franklin in the window.

GSC 1000 Awning Series Faurecia Flagship Entrance Columbus Indiana

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

When Faurecia needed custom awnings installed, they contacted Green Sign Company to build and install them in their Columbus, Indiana manufacturing facility. #manufacturing #awnings

GSC 600 Series Internally Illuminated Faurecia Wall Sign Columbus Indiana

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Internally Illuminated Sign - GSC 600 Series

We have completed many projects for Faurecia over the years, but our favorite is the Internally Illuminated Wall cabinet that we installed. It has a simple sleek design that can be seen from a vast distance.