Batesville, Indiana

Friendship State Bank - Internally Illuminated Monument Sign - GSC 600 Series

The designers at Green Sign Company helped Friendship State Bank refresh their branding with a new sleek design for their internally illuminated monument sign.

City of Batesville - Custom Changable Banners - GSC 110 Series

Here at Green Sign Company, we were pleased to help the town of Batesville, Indiana honor their current and former service men and women with customized GSC 110 Series banners. These changeable, flag-mounted banners with decorative brackets were proudly displayed throughout town, each displaying the name and picture of an individual, along with the branch in which they served our country.

GSC Green Sign Company 750 Series Internally Illuminated Channel Letters Wood-Mizer Batesville IN

Wood-Mizer - Internally Illuminated - GSC 750 Series

When Wood-Mizer moved into their new location right next to I-74 they knew that they wanted to be seen from a distance. With the bright orange of their logo and internal illumination, you can see their sign from quite a distance.

GSC 650 series green sign company skyline chili sign repair batesville, in

Skyline Chili - Sign Repair & Maintenance

Green Sign Company will work with you to keep your sign illuminated and up to date. We offer sign face cleaning, sign pole painting, sign face upgrades, and low voltage LED lighting conversions.

Cross County Plaza - Changeable Banner - GSC 110 Series

Green Signs can mount banners on a rigid, aluminum frame system, allowing for inexpensive updates to keep your business looking fresh.

Randy's Roadhouse - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

The Design team at Green Sign Company worked with the client to create a rustic and vibrant storefront for this unique bar/restaurant.

Schmidt Bakery - Awnings & Cannopies - GSC 1000 Series

Home of the Cherry Thing-A-Ling, Schmidt Bakery has been in business for an exceptionally long time. When it came time to update their store frontage we worked closely with them to ensure they stood out. The design team at Green Sign Company felt an internally illuminated awning with a premium covering secured with an aluminum staple-in frame system would be the best option.

Batesville Liquor Co - Branding Package

Batesville Liquor hired Green Sign Company to create a new handcrafted logo and exterior lighted sign package. This package consisted of dimensional acrylic letters with a classic style external light fixtures. To tie the dimensional lettering and beautiful lighting together, we designed, manufactured and installed custom, internally illuminated, channel letters above the main entrance.


Big Four Cafe - Handcrafted Dimensional - GSC 500 Series

The Big Four Cafe's double-sided hanging wall sign is handcrafted with added dimensional letters and logo. The sign was primed and painted with automotive grade paint and finish for long lasting protection from the elements.

Langen Meats - Awnings & Canopies - 1000 Series

This small hometown butcher shop's awning is made from our all aluminum frame, staple-in system and covered with premium awning fabric.

City of Batesville Indiana - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Hillenbrand - Monument - GSC 800 Series

When doing this custom sign makeover we saved the existing sign foundation and updated the shape and graphics of the sign. We incorporated a stucco finish background, dimensional graphics and a custom aluminum cap with internal down lighting.

Weigel Funeral Home - Exterior Branding - GSC 300 & 400 Series

The sign package that Green Signs organized for Weigel Funeral Home includes a dimensional main wall ID fabricated from PVC letters with hidden mounting hardware.

Neace Lukens Insurance - Interior Branding - GSC 100 Series

Green Sign Company designed and installed interior 3M etched vinyl to a window inside Neace Lukens Insurance to provide privacy.

Hill Rom Holdings, INC. - Internally Illuminated - Interior Branding - GSC 200, 300, 750 Series

Hill-Rom is a great client that we've helped with their branding across the nation. On this specific project, we added an internally illuminated sign in the entryway of their Admin building and in the main hallway added dimensional, laser cut, acrylic letters showcasing their company values.

Forefront Dermatology - Interior ADA - GSC 200 Series

The specific ADA signs for Forefront Dermatology include a clear window allowing them to change the name of the office if they ever relocate or rearrange offices.

GSC 400 Series City of Batesville Wayfinding Sign and Design

City of Batesville - Logo & Wayfinding Project - GSC 400 & 900 Series

Green Sign Company not only manufactured and installed the wayfinding signs for the city of Batesville we also designed a new logo for the city.

GSC 600 & 775 Series Total Tech Connections LED Boarder and Illuminated Cabinet Batesville IN

Total Tech - Main ID - GSC 600 & 775 Series

This simple Main ID Canopy design consists of internally illuminated sign cabinets with LED decorative border.

Skyline Restaurant Pylon Sign - GSC Maintenance

GSC Maintenance programs ensure to keep your brand illuminated and up to date. Offering sign face cleaning, sign pole painting, sign face upgrades, and low voltage LED light conversions.


Cross County Plaza - Changeable Banner - GSC 110 Series

Green Signs can mount banners on a rigid, aluminum frame system, allowing for inexpensive updates to keep your business looking fresh.


St. Louis Catholic School - Dimensional Hand Crafted - GSC 500 Series

This custom sign is a handcrafted redwood, with dimensional lettering covered with gold leaf, and is supported with cedar post.