Milan, Indiana

Milan Community Schools: Custom Main ID w/ Electronic Message Center

Milan Community Schools - GSC 600E Series - Custom Main ID w/ Electronic Message Center

Becoming increasingly popular with schools, Main IDs with Electronic Message Centers are a great way to quickly communicate messages with your school community! Our Electronic Message Centers utilize a wireless broadband connection for those with access to the sign to instantly send content to the sign! Milan Community Schools reached out to our team needing a new custom Main ID! Our account representative met with the Milan Community Schools team on site to discuss their goals and ideas for the new sign! They took measurements and photos of the existing sign and sign location for our design team. With this information, our design team was able to put together a few custom designs for the Milan team to work from. Once they narrowed down and finalized a design, our production team began building the custom sign. This sign is part of our GSC 600E Series where our customers will find the custom Main IDs with Electronic Message Centers! After the sign was complete, our install team took the new sign to site and installed it!

Milan Community Schools: Custom Interior School Gym Branding

Milan Community Schools - GSC 200 & 300 Series - Custom Interior School Gym Branding

School branding is important for multiple reasons! For one, school branding is what differentiates your school from other schools! Second, it helps increase school spirit and helps schools for connected to their school! Milan High School reached out to our team wanting to add more branding to their school gym! Our account representative for their area met with them to discuss their goals and ideas for the new branding! The rep. then took measurements and photos of the install area to take back to our design team! Using the measurements and photos, our designers were able to come up with a few different custom options to present to the Milan High School team! After they decided on their design, our production team got started building the signs! These signs are part of our GSC 200 & 300 Series signs! They are interior wall ID signs! Their purpose is to help identify a specific area in the school to help staff, students, and visitors find the location! After the signs were complete, our install team took the signs to site and installed them!!

Milan High School: Custom School ADA Room ID Signs

Poole Group - Milan High School - GSC 200 Series - Custom School ADA Room ID Signs

ADA signs play an important role in multiple different industries by helping people locate their desired destination with ease! Green Signs specializes in designing, creating, and installing custom ADAs! Milan High School had us complete this project for them and they turned out amazing!! We're excited for them as they complete their new addition!!

Tri City Enterprise: Custom Logo Design

Tri City Enterprise - GSC 900 Series - Custom Logo Design

Milan Community Schools: Custom Architectural Post Panel School Directional Sign

Milan Community Schools - GSC 400 Series - Custom School Directional Signs

This one goes out to our Milan Friends! They reached out needing new directional signs for their school and we were happy to help out! Our account rep. for that area met with their team to discuss what kind of directional signs they were needing. Surveys were taken of each of the locations that a directional sign was to be installed. All this information was then brought back to our in house design team. They designed superimposed layouts of what the new signs would look like in their individual locations. Once we had their approval of the signs, our production team got started fabricating the signs. These signs are a part of our GSC 400 Series Architectural Post Panel Signs. They're constructed with aluminum, painted with automotive grade paint, and finished with custom vinyl graphic overlays. Once the signs were complete, our install team took the signs to site and installed them.

Milan High School: Custom Replacement Sign Faces for Lighted Pylon High School Sign

Milan High School - GSC 600 Series - Custom Replacement Sign Faces

Milan High School reached out to our team wanting to get new sign faces for their existing pylon sign! Their team met with our account rep for their area on site to discuss what they wanted the new faces to look like. While on site, our account rep. did a survey of the existing signs for our design team. All of that information is brought to our design team who then turned it into a superimposed layout so that they could see what the new sign faces would visually look like at their school! Once we had MHS's approval on a design, our production team got to work creating the new faces. These faces are made of polycarbonate and topped with premium graphics. The polycarbonate allows for the faces to withstand weather and normal wear. The premium graphics also have UV protection so they can stay bright and awesome, longer! This sign is a member of our GSC 600 Series signs!

Napoleon State Bank- GSC 200, 300, 600, & 775 Series- Branding Package

Napoleon State Bank has been a great reoccurring customer of ours for some time! They have had us install signage at many different locations. We recently had the opportunity to do a branding package at their new location in Milan, Indiana. These packages typically include Main ID signs, Internally Illuminated Pylon signs, Internally Illuminated Channel Letters, and wayfinding signs. We do interior branding as well such as interior main IDs, wayfinding and directional, vinyl etching, and wall graphics. These are great for businesses that have a brand and are trying to make an impression on their current and future customers. This package is typically used for businesses such as manufacturers, banks, doctor's offices, and much more! #branding #signs #businessbranding #businessbrand #brandingcincinnati


Milan Church - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

The Milan United Methodist Church is an internally illuminated sign with a manual marque and has a vandal cover.