Edinburgh, Indiana

Puma (Indiana Premium Outlets) - GSC 750 Series - Custom Outlet Store Channel Logo

The Puma store at the Indiana Premium Outlets received an upgrade!! They reached out to our team wanting their old signs removed and replaced with new, up to date signs! They had us do a new Channel Logo for the facade of their store, Hanging Sign, and dimensional letters on the Indiana Premium Outlets arcade wall. They turned out AWESOME!

Blue River Estates - Custom Main ID

Blue River Estates - GSC 600 Series - Internally Illuminated Main ID Sign

Blue River Estates is a home park located in Edinburgh, IN. Our customer was looking for a sign that would match well with their property. We were happy to help and suggested an internally illuminated cabinet would be best for their location. Being that they are located in a rural area, a sign like this one will help them be noticeable and easily navigated to. This sign is fabricated with aluminum, vinyl, polycarbonate, and automotive grade paint with a nuance finish.

Utz Inc.-GSC 300 Series-Wall ID Signs

Simple yet effective, this sign helps people traveling to the location know they are in the right spot. Sign visibility is a big part of helping a business gather business. This sign itself has an aluminum frame with Flexface mounted on the building.

Edinburgh Premium Outlets-GSC 400 & 750 Signs- Internally Illuminated Channel Letters & Blade Signs

Edinburgh Premium Outlets is the home of many Green Sign Company projects. They have entrusted us with matching the uniform look of the outlet mall while also ensuring that each store has its own level of uniqueness. Many of these stores are complete with Internally Illuminated Channel Letters on the outside of the building on a custom raceway and its own hanging blade sign.


Edinburgh Premium Outlets - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

Over the years we have done many projects at Edinburgh Premium Outlets. Most of them consisting of internally illuminated channel letters, vinyl window decals, and blade signs.