Connersville, Indiana

Reed Family: Custom Barn Flag Sign

Reed Family - GSC 300 Series - Custom Barn Flag Sign

Our team installed a new Barn Flag Sign for the Reed family!! They had reached out after seeing a few other Barn Flag Signs we had done! Our account rep for their area met with them to take measurements and photos of the install location. All this information was then brought to our design team who used the information to create layouts for the families to review. These layouts help to ensure that the signs will ultimately look amazing on the barn and help proportion them to the barn's facade. Once they approved the layout, our production team created the sign! This sign is part of our GSC 300 Series Patriotic Flags & Signs! After production was complete, our install team took the sign to location and installed it!!

Connersville High School-GSC 750 Series-Internally Illuminated Mascot

Green Sign Company had the amazing opportunity to work with Connersville High School to help them come up with a great new look for the front of the building! We were able to help them get their school mascot made into an illuminated cabinet sign. Signs like this one are typically made with aluminum shaped to match the design of the sign and finally layered on the face with a UV protected transparent vinyl. Having an illuminated sign on the facade of a building will help give your location additional notice.

Saint Gabriel Catholic Church - Lighted Monumnet Sign with Marquee - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated monument sign was thoughtfully designed to be complimentary to the beautiful architecture and high arch windows of the building. This sign was designed with a marque to enable better communication to its community members and is mounted on a concrete base. An added touch is a carefully selected non lit prayer on the backside of the monument for multiple viewing angles.

Christie Family Dentistry - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated monument sign is mounted on a mason base. The low wattage LED lighting partnered with premium 1st surface translucent graphics to give this sign a beautiful glow from dusk until dawn.

FCN Bank - Branding Package

At the FCN location in Connersville, IN was a complete sign package. Green Sign Company made custom internally illuminated cabinets with an embossed pan logo, accompanied by an electronic message center on the exterior. For the interior/exterior wall logos, we used brushed aluminum that is illuminated with accent lighting.