Danville, Indiana

Danville North Elementary School - GSC 600E Series - Custom School Main ID Sign w EMC

Danville North Elementary School reached out to us needing a new main ID sign. Our account rep. for their area met with them on site to discuss their goals for the new sign and to take measurements and photos of the install location. All this information was passed on to our design team who used it to create custom design layouts for Danville North to review. Once they approved a design, our production team began building the sign. This sign is part of our GSC 600E Series Internally Illuminated Main ID Sign with an Electronic Message Center. This sign will be a great asset for the school to use to communicate important school information with the community. After the sign was complete, our install team took the sign to site and installed it.

Waste Management: Custom Recycling & Disposal Signs

Waste Management - GSC 300 Series - Custom Recycling & Disposal Signs

Here's a recently complete project for Waste Management in Danville, IN! The Waste Management team reached out needing new signs to identify each of the locations on their property. Our account rep. met with them on site to discuss their goals and ideas for the new signs. They also took measurements and photos of each of the install locations. This information was given to our design team who used it to each custom layouts for each install. Once the Waste Management team approved the designs, our production team began making the signs! These signs are part of our GSC 300 Signs. After production was complete, our install team took the signs to site and installed each one at their specific location!

Green Signs - Wayfinding - Middle School Sign - Entrance Sign - Indiana - Danville - Fabrication

Danville Middle School - WAYFINDING SIGNAGE - GSC 400 SERIES

To continue the Danville Community Schools branding update, these way-finding signs were installed on existing entrances at the middle school to provide a modern aesthetic with a clean design that will last for many years to come.

Danville High School - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E Series

Danville High School was due to update the school sign and overall branding. We help with refurbishing the existing sign saving the school money and helping solve the branding issue.