Muncie, Indiana

Applebee's (Muncie, IN): Custom Monument Sign Face Replacement

Applebee's - Muncie IN - GSC 600 Series - Custom Monument Sign Face Replacement

Another Applebee's Makeover!! This time in Muncie, Indiana!! Like most of our previous Applebee's projects, our customer wanted to give the monument sign some much needed TLC and had us replace the faces of the sign. Measurements and photos of the sign were taken back to our design team who used this information to draw up the new face design. Once we had their approval on a design, our production team started making the faces. This sign is a member of our GSC 600 Series meaning it's an internally illuminated sign! The faces are custom cut aluminum with polycarbonate inside to let the light come through the open letters! After production, our install team took the faces to site and installed them! They look awesome!!

GSC 650 Series Multi Tenant Muncie Market Place Muncie IN

Muncie Market Place - Multi-Tenant Sign - GSC 650 Series

The lettering for the name of the shopping center is made out of non-illuminated channel letters. The tenant panels are double-faced and internally illuminated and can be masked with flexface material or polycarbonate faces.