Westport, Indiana

Pavey's Westport IN: Custom Gas Station Canopy Graphics

Pavey's (Westport, IN) - GSC 100 Series - Custom Digitally Printed Vinyl Graphics

Here's another job completed for Pavey's! This job was for their location in Westport, IN. They reached out needing custom graphics for their entire canopy. Our account rep. for their area met them at site and talked to them about what their plans were for the canopy. A survey was taken of the location and all this information was brought back to our in house design team! Based off what was given to them, they put together to scale, superimposed layouts of what the graphics would look like on the canopy after install! Once the Pavey's team approved the layout, our production team got to work on creating the graphics. The graphics are digitally printed on a premium weather proof vinyl and protected with a UV blocking laminate. Both of these products combined will help ensure that the lifespan of the graphics are as long as possible. After production, our install team took the graphics to site and installed them on the canopy!

Nipro: Electronic Message Center Addition - Digital Sign

Nipro - GSC 600E Series - EMC Addition

For this install, Nipro wanted to add an Electronic Message Center to their existing sign and take advantage of their position on State Road 3. With this addition to their sign, they'll be able to easily communicate messages from their company to those traveling on SR 3. We're looking forward to seeing what creative messages Nipro designs for their EMC.

Napoleon State Bank (Westport) - Internally Illuminated & Interior Branding - GSC 300, 400 & 600 Series

At the Napoleon State Bank location in Westport, IN, Green Sign Company designed and fabricated a custom internally illuminated pylon accompanied by a main wall ID on the exterior and directional signage around the building. For the interior wall logos, we used brushed aluminum consistent with branding and aesthetic design.