Nashville, Indiana

Hard Truth Distillery: Custom Reverse Halo Lit Channel Letters

Hard Truth Distillery - GSC 750 Series - Custom Reversed Halo Lit Letters

Hard Truth Distillery worked with our GSC team to design a custom reversed halo lit sign for their new outdoor venue! This sign is a part of our GSC 750 Series. The reverse halo lit letters are different than the typical channel letters that you might find on a business front. The way they are designed is so the light that is emitted shines to the back creating the "halo" effect. Another way to think of it is that the light is creating a glow behind the letters.

Centra Credit Union-GSC 500 Series-Custom HDU Main ID Sign

This custom sign was made with High Density Urethane, our premium automotive grade paint, and routered to look like wood! After production, it was installed on cedar posts that were also painted using our premium automotive grade paint. Early in sign history, signs we made using wood. By creating signs like this, we get to combine the old with the new to bring in a signature custom look!

House of Thunder-GSC 300 Series- Non-Illuminated Main ID Pylon

This non-lit sign is placed right off of one of the busiest highways in Southeastern Indiana, Highway 46. This sign was made with laminated polymetal and was decorated with premium vinyl graphics. Signs like this one are perfect for businesses that are sometimes a little tucked away off of a busy highway or interstate.


This GSC 300/775 Series thick PVC dimensional lettering with Goose-Neck Lighting adds a simple but attentive style to this Centra Credit Union in Nashville IN.