Marysville, Ohio

Honda Federal Credit Union-GSC 600E Series-Electronic Message Center & Main ID Cabinet Sign

Honda Federal Credit Union got a brand new look for its Main ID Sign. Now, it's hard to miss. With a double-sided internally lit aluminum cabinet sign and a double-sided Electronic Message Center, Honda FCU can be seen and be heard. Their new EMC (Electronic Message Center), will help them communicate with their clients and customers in real-time over broadband wireless internet. #Electronic #MessageCenter #OhioSigns #DigitalSigns #OutdoorProgrammableSigns

Honda Federal Credit Union-GSC 300 Series-Entrance Wall ID

Green Signs Company is thankful that Honda/Honda Federal Credit Union has chosen to have many of their projects done through our company. Though the sign is simple, it adds character to the exterior of the building, making for a welcoming first impression. The acrylic lettering has an average life span of 7 years for the company and it's customers to enjoy.