Maximum Results Real Estate Inc. - GSC 300 Series - Custom Sign Panels

The Green Sign install crew got to spend a little time at the lake! Maximum Results Real Estate had sign panels made to put in this sign at Lake Santee. These sign panels are a part of our GSC 300 Series. They're aluminum with custom digitally printed graphic overlays! Maximum Results reached out wanting to have the panels made to advertise at Lake Santee. Our Sale Rep for that area took a survey of the sign and met with the Maximum Results team to discuss what they're goals were for the overall look of the sign and what they were wanting to advertise. After that, the information was brought back to our design team who put together custom, super imposed layouts with various options. Once Maximum Results decided on an option and approved the design, the project went to our production team. They prepped, printed, and laid the graphics on the aluminum. After the sign panels were complete, our install team traveled to site and install them.