Mutual Savings Bank (Greenwood, IN) - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Wall Logo

Recently, our team traveled to Greenwood, IN to install this custom interior wall logo for our friends over at Mutual Savings Bank! This is a new location of theirs, so they wanted make sure that the branding was consistent with their other locations! Since we've worked with them on other project, we already had the design and materials needed in their file! Like all other projects, our sales rep. for this area met with them to get measurements and photos of the install location to ensure that the new sign would be proportionate to the area it was being installed in. This information was taken back to our design team who used it to create the custom design layouts for Mutual Savings to review and approve. Once they approved a design, our production team began making the sign. This sign is part of our GSC 200 Series - Interior Branding & Wayfinding. After the sign was complete, our install team took the sign to site and installed it!