Mfg. & Industrial

Green Sign Company can help your industry increase productivity, enhance safety, and ensure ADA compliance with expertly coordinated graphics. We can help identify your building with site signs; protect employees and visitors with safety signs, and even promote your products with vehicle graphics on delivery vehicles.

You can count on Green Signs to help you make a good impression with professional and precise signage no matter what you are manufacturing.
Steel Technologies - Custom Main ID with Electronic Message Center

Steel Technologies - GSC 600E Series - Custom Main ID Electronic Message Center

Steel Technologies is a local business to Greensburg, Indiana and GSC is always ready to help our local customers! For this job, Steel Tech had an older internally illuminated Monument sign that they were wanting updated. They couldn't have chosen a better sign for this location! They are located in a high traffic area of Greensburg near some other Manufacturing facilities and having an EMC in this spot is a great way to communicate with the community.

Miers Farm Corp. - GSC 300 Series - Custom Dimensional Letters

We don't think signs should just be limited to the usual businesses, but Farms too! Our customer came to us wanting to keep the integrity of their barn while also wanting a sign to ID their farm. We were happy to help! When working with a customer, we typically give them a few different options and get their opinions/ideas. We take those opinions and ideas, make changes to the design, and continue communicating with the customer until we get them exactly what they are looking for. For Mier's Farm Corp., they chose dimensional letters with Gooseneck lighting. It truly turned out amazing and looks just as amazing at night as it does during the day!

Stow N Go Self-Storage - Main ID Sign with Electronic Message Center

Stow N Go Self Storage - GSC 600E Series - Internally Illuminated Main ID with EMC

This job was a fun project to complete! We had a customer call us needing a sign for a new set of Storage Units in Columbus, IN. We were able to help him out by coming up with a creative idea for an Internally Illuminated Main ID with an Electronic Message Center (EMC). This sign is going to be multi useful! Adding an EMC to a main ID sign allows for the business to advertise important messages and information with current and potential customers. Specifically in the self-storage industry, owners can share how many available units they have and their prices. This will product will have a tremendous ROI and looks amazing all around!!

Wood Mizer - GSC 600E Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Sign with Electronic Message Center

For this project, we worked with Wood Mizer to create a sign that could be used for marketing their products and other important messages they wanted to share with their community. This freestanding sign is made of aluminum with a steel frame that incorporates our American Brand Electronic Message Centers. It was strategically placed next to I-74 so it had the most opportunity of being seen! Our American brand EMCs are completely programmable meaning that they can be set to dim/turn off at specific times, background can be set to non distracting colors, and so on.

Parking Garage LED Traffic & Safety Control Signs

Ensuring that everyone travels safety throughout a parking garage can be a difficult task without the proper signs. Our American Brand LED Traffic and Safety Control Sign are perfect for making sure that everyone see and follow the signs correctly.

Ameriplex-GSC 450 Series-Architectural Changeable Post Panel

This custom interchangeable post panel sign is made out of aluminum, automotive grade paint, and vinyl graphics. You can also add reflective vinyl to help the sign become more visual during darker hours

Halo Lit Main ID Interior Sign

Crum Trucking-GSC 200 Series-Custom Interior Branding

For this project, Green Sign Company worked with long-time customer, Crum Trucking, to help them brand the interior of their building. This custom branding was made of brushed stainless steel channel letters. They are also halo-lit giving them the "halo" appearance. This branding style ties the whole interior area of the building together for a great finish. Interior Branding is great for all businesses and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Utz Inc.-GSC 300 Series-Wall ID Signs

Simple yet effective, this sign helps people traveling to the location know they are in the right spot. Sign visibility is a big part of helping a business gather business. This sign itself has an aluminum frame with Flexface mounted on the building.

Brooks Striping, Inc.-GSC 100 Series-Vehicle Graphics

Green Sign Company offers custom graphics that can be applied to vehicles, windows, interior walls, and more. For this specific project, GSC had the opportunity to work with Brook Striping, Inc. to come up with a custom design for their new work truck. All of our graphics are made with premium 3M vinyl and are most often installed by our in house professional to ensure that the lifetime of the product is as long as possible.

Pepper Construction Corporate Office-GSC 200&300 Series-Acrylic Lobby Logo

Green Sign Company has been fortunate to have collaborated many times with Pepper Construction on various projects for other businesses that we were so excited to have them become a customer as well! At their corporate office in Indianapolis, they were in need of some interior lobby signage. We added a sign that was made with glossed black acrylic, polished edges, and an automotive-grade finish. With the addition of this sign to their lobby, it really has an overall industrialized look to it. Perfect for the type of industry that they are in.

Genesis Property Development-Shelbyville Parking Garage-GSC 300 Series-Parking Garage Signs

Green Sign Company took on a big project with Shelbyville's new parking garage. Using our premium aluminum and high-intensity prismatic 3M vinyl, road signs are made and help to keep traffic flowing in highly congested areas like parking garages.

Erich K's Collision-GSC 600E Series- Main ID Sign with Electronic Message Center

This unique sign is a Main ID sign with an Electronic Message Center attached. Erich K's Collision can now have even better communication with current and even potential new customers. Having an Electronic Message Center allows businesses to interact with their customers about sales, new hours, and any other information, within seconds just using a computer that's connected to a broadband wireless internet!

Harmeyer Transport-GSC 100 Series-Custom Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Graphics are a fun, creative, and inexpensive way to advertise your business anywhere you. For this project, Green Sign Co.'s production team added Harmeyer Transport custom vinyl graphics to three new semis! At Green Sign Company we offer different materials for the customer to have their graphics made from. We also offer assistance with a logo or graphic design, so no worries if you want help creating your own custom graphic.

Amazon Delivery-GSC 750 Series-Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

Amazon hired Green Signs Company to do custom sign work for their new Greenwood, Indiana warehouse location. These aluminum channel letters also are internally illuminated using high-grade low voltage LEDs. They are perfect to help customers and workers locate the building at night. #warehouse #channelletters #customsigns #warehousesigns

Amazon Delivery-GSC 400 Series-Directional & Wayfinding Signs

Amazon hired Green Sign Company to do custom sign work for their new Greenwood, Indiana building. Wayfinding signs are perfect for a warehouse like this. They help navigate truck drivers and delivery personnel to their respective locations without confusion.

Shirk's International-GSC 1000 Series-Custom Awning

Green Signs Company has been fortunate to have worked with Shirk's International on a handful of projects! They visited us again to upgrade their awning on the front of their building. This custom awning is an aluminum frame with a staple-in system, illuminated with LEDs, and finished with high-grade 3M vinyl graphics on the top of the canopy.

RBC-Bearings/Airtomic-GSC 750 Series-Internally Illuminated Channel Logo Sign

These signs were made with pre-finished aluminum and capped with acrylic faces to help complete the exterior look of this manufacturing facility. These signs are also internally illuminated complementing the accent colors of RBC-Bearings/Airtomic allowing the building to be seen by all during darker hours.

AMAZON - Branding & Wayfinding Sign Package

A quick turnaround project needed for Amazon Delivery Warehouse in Greenwood Indiana. The Green Sign Team helped make this happen from permitting, designing, fabrication, and installation of Amazon Directional Signs, Monument Signs, Wall Signs, and installation of interior signs. Green Sign can be your one-stop branding solution!

Indianapolis Bakery - Conference Room Edge-Lit Logo Sign - GSC 200-600 Edge Series

Very cool and affordable interior edge-lit lighted logo sign. Great for conference room logo signs, lobby signs, wayfinding lighted signs, and more. Green Signs 200 Edge Series is illuminated with low voltage Full Color (RGB) LEDs along the edge of the polished acrylic.

Faurecia Factory - Translucent Window Film - GSC 100 Series

A perfect solution for commercial windows to help keep the sun from shining into your facility. For this Faurecia location, we used 3M translucent window film to fix our clients problem. Green offers translucent, opaque and many other optioins to help fight the sun from entering your facility. We also offer custom awnings if that is the look you desire.

Conwell Construction & Trucking - Dump Truck 3M Graphics - GSC 100 & 900 Series

Longtime client, Conwell Construction has expanded into trucking materials with two new Peterbilt tri-axle dump trucks. Green Sign developed the Conwell Construction logo in the early '90s. Before decorating the new trucks, we did a few minor adjustments to update his trucking logo. The dump truck graphics are all premium 3M vinyl and completed the job with our certified vinyl graphics installation team. Green Signs thanks the Conwell Team for your ongoing business and congrats on your growth!

Green Guard Sneeze Guards - GSC 200 Green Guard Series

GSC 200 Green Guard Series - Sneeze Guards available in standard or custom shapes and sizes at an affordable price. #sneezeguards #safetydecals #greenguard

GSC Green Sign Company 750 Series Internally Illuminated Channel Letters Wood-Mizer Batesville IN

Wood-Mizer - Internally Illuminated - GSC 750 Series

When Wood-Mizer moved into their new location right next to I-74 they knew that they wanted to be seen from a distance. With the bright orange of their logo and internal illumination, you can see their sign from quite a distance.

GSC 300 Green Sign Company Series Lindal Group Acrylic Channel Letters & Logo Columbus IN

Lindal Group - Wall Logo & Letters - GSC 300 Series

This sign was made with 1-inch acrylic and finished with automotive grade paint. Although this sign is simple, it makes a huge impact with its clean and modern look.


Wood-Mizer - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 750 SERIES

Wood-Mizer is another one of the many companies that we work with Nationwide. At their new location in Shade Gap, PA they entrusted Green Sign Company to manage the installation of new channel letters on their building.


Advanced Vacuum Services - Vehicle Graphics - GSC 100 Series

This partial vehicle wrap is high resolution digitally printed graphics with 3M Laminate and contour cut decals. Green Sign Company's experienced wrap installation technicians ensure that every vehicle wrap is installed with minimal seams.

Fox Seeds - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series


Cass County Agri Business Park - Architectural Informational Signs - GSC 400 Series

Green Sign Company worked hand in hand with Cass County Agri-Business Park to help brand their new business park.

Alcan - Branding Package

Green Signs has assisted Alcan in multiple locations with their exterior branding. In Shelbyville, KY we installed multiple, directional signage as well a massive, internally illuminated, channel letter and logo wall sign.

NCT Technologies - Permitting - GSC 915 Series

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Vinyl Graphics - GSC 100 Series

Our design team can create and install vinyl graphics to spruce a blank wall and give your business or facility more character. We helped Faurecia design an enjoyable and entertaining way to share their culture with their employees.

Hitachi Chemical - Main ID - GSC 600E Series

The new Main ID is internally illuminated and carries the Hitachi brand combined with the new Electronic Message Center. An EMC is an excellent communication device for existing team and future employees or applicants.

Hitachi Chemical - Branding Package

Hitachi Chemical rebranded their entire image with a complete branding package from new vinyl decals throughout their facility, an exterior illuminated wall cabinet, and a new Electronic Message Center attached to an LED illuminated cabinet.

B&B Tooling - GSC 600 Series

The new custom designed, internally illuminated, Main Entry ID for B & B Tooling represents the quality of this custom tool shop. The CNC routered logo and text is backed with push thru acrylic, polycarbonate translucent materials and illuminated with premium LED lighting.

Hill Rom Holdings, INC. - Interior Branding - GSC 200 Series

One of the many projects that Green Sign Company has done for Hill-Rom, all across the nation, is updating the interior of their facilities with their brand.

Mesco Manufacturing - Entry Way Awning - GSC 1000 Series

At Mesco Manufacturing, our trained technicians installed an illuminated awning for their employee entrance.

Trilithic - Multi Tenant Monument - GSC 850 Series

Monument style signs don't have to be just for single tenant facilities. Green Sign offers different options for multi-tenant signage, the Trilithic sign not only has multiple tenants but also assist with logistics.

RRD Direct - Monument - GSC 800 Series

Monument signs are an upscale, inexpensive way to brand your facility. RRD Direct's monument sign is composed of a stucco background, and dimensional PVC letters covered with premium 3M vinyl.

Cummins, Inc. - Channel Letter Logo - GSC 750 Series

One of our favorite types of channel letters at Green Sign Company is the "halo" glow. The interior sign that we created for Cummins, Inc., not only has the "halo' glow but is also internally illuminated with premium LED illumination, giving it an additional ambiance.

Austin Tri-Hawk Automotive - Monument - GSC 500 Series

This double-sided, monument-style entrance sign has a sand-etched, stucco style relief background with a raised logo and lettering, and is supported by custom fabricated aluminum pole covers.

Kroger / KB Food - Custom Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

There are many different types of monument signs and this specific one that was done for Kroger/KB foods is sand-etched, high-density urethane sign panel with a raised logo and lettering. As with any other painted, exterior sign, Green Sign Company only uses premium automotive grade paint and finish.

MacTac - Architectural Signs - GSC 400 Series

MacTac hired Green Sign Company to design, manufacture and install an all aluminum background sign panel with a hidden shoebox lid and hung with mounting hardware above the entrance of their facility. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to brand the main entrance of your facility, a dimensional logo made from PVC and covered with premium vinyl graphics would be a great option.

Knauf - Main Entrance - GSC 400 Series

Green Signs designed and implemented Knauf's corporate logo into their main entrance sign. The custom designed shapes and size fit into the surrounding environment perfectly.

CraftMark Bakery - Temporary Site Sign - GSC 300 Series

Temporary site signs are made from poly-metal sign panels and decorated with digitally printed vinyl graphics. We mount these specific signs on treated lumber and provide professional installation as well.

Milestone - Non-Illuminated Panel - GSC 300 Series

Most construction sites are temporary and require an inexpensive way to brand their equipment. Green Sign Company offers non-lit aluminum sign panels decorated with premium 3M Vinyl graphics for Milestone Contractors and many more construction companies companies.

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Line Signs - GSC 200 / 300 Series

Faurecia uses line signs in their manufacturing facility to help with production and organization. These budget-friendly, trifold, boards allow changeable magnetic production notes to be added and removed for repeat usage.

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Etched Vinyl Graphics - GSC 100 Series

We have worked with Faurecia on many different projects over the years so when it came to upgrading their office windows Green Signs designers knew exactly what would fit with their image.

CraftMark Bakery - Interior Branding - GSC 200 / 300 Series

The entrance for CraftMark Bakery lobby really makes a statement about the quality and craftsmanship of their bakery. Our designers and fabricators decided to use brushed metal for the dimensional logos and lettering.

Brewer Machine - Partial Vehicle Wrap - GSC 100 Series

This partial vehicle wrap is high resolution digitally printed graphics with 3M Laminate and contour cut decals. Green Sign Company experienced wrap installation technicians ensure that every vehicle wrap is installed with minimal seams.

Cummins - LED Sign Conversions - GSC 775 Series

Over the years Green Sign Company has converted multiple signs for Cummins to low voltage LED. These LED conversions not only have a great ROI, they also spread the light evenly giving the sign a more consistent glow.

GSC 100, 200, 775 Series Hitachi Chemical Greensburg, IN

Hitachi Chemical - Interior Branding - GSC 100, 200, 775 Series

This creative project upgraded the factory's image by helping clean up their entrance with clean color and simple design. The illuminated decorative LED strips and logo boxes show that Hitachi is moving forward with technology.

Patriotic American Flags - GSC 300 Series

Green Sign Company proudly supports our country and its flag. We would love to install an American Flag on the side of your building or install your flagpole & flag.

GSC 600 Series Internally Illuminated Cummins in Columbus, IN

Cummins - Brand Maintenance

Let Green Sign Company help you maintain your brand. We offer night surveys to ensure signs and lighting is properly illuminated and your facility is safe. We also provide yearly cleaning and inspections to ensure your signs and/or lighting is working as it should.


Valeo - Flexface Banner - GSC 110 Series

Green Sign Company can use flexface banner, mounted to a rigid, aluminum frame system for an affordable main wall ID. You can also include backlit illumination allowing your sign to have a special glow from dusk until dawn.


Construction Banner / Mesh Fence Cover - GSC 110 Series

Green Sign Company can provide your company with a custom mesh banner to match your construction project. These temporary banners can provide a visible, safety barrier to keep unwanted guests off your construction site.


Delta Faucet - Fleet Trailer Graphics - GSC 110 Series

This full color, high-resolution, digitally printed banner with graphics, is mounted on a changeable aluminum frame system which can easily be changed out when needing to be updated.

GSC 100 Sign Series Vehicle Wrap Carmel Indiana

Engledow Group - Vehicle Wraps - GSC 100 Series

VEHICLE BRANDING TRAVELS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO! With our eco-friendly 3M high resolution digital printed wraps and cutting edge technology, Green Sign Company has helped Engledow take their business to the next level!

GSC 1000 Awning Series Faurecia Flagship Entrance Columbus Indiana

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

When Faurecia needed custom awnings installed, they contacted Green Sign Company to build and install them in their Columbus, Indiana manufacturing facility. #manufacturing #awnings

GSC 600 Series Internally Illuminated Faurecia Wall Sign Columbus Indiana

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Internally Illuminated Sign - GSC 600 Series

We have completed many projects for Faurecia over the years, but our favorite is the Internally Illuminated Wall cabinet that we installed. It has a simple sleek design that can be seen from a vast distance.