Retail & Professional

The many options of advertising for Retail and Professional signage consist of interior vinyl graphics, wall branding, awnings, channel letters or cabinets, architectural post panel signs, HDU signs, and vehicle graphics.
gsc 400 green sign company series temporary site sign louisville ky

CVS Pharmacy - Branding Package

What a lengthy project this has been. Green Sign Company is working in multiple cities to help with updating the CVS Pharmacy Branding.


Done Right Diesel - LED Retro Fit - GSC 775 Series

Refurbishing this old sign for Done Right Diesel was a cost-effective way to give their business a fresh new look. We replaced the faces of the sign and covered them with translucent vinyl and upgraded the lighting with energy efficient LED lighting.


Green Sign Company - Directional & Wayfinding - GSC 400 Series

At Green Sign Company we know that branding is important. We make sure to give our customers a great first impression and the ease of entering our facility with these internally illuminated directional signs.

GSC Green Sign Company 610E Sign Series Electronic Message Billboard Repair Covington KY

Billboard Repair - GSC 610E Series

Guide Pro Outfitters - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

GSC 900 Green Signs Series Logo Design Rouge Bridal Boutique Greensburg IN

Rouge Bridal - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Communicating With Your Electronic Message Center

Choosing a communication method for your Electronic Message Center is very crucial when it comes to uploading content to your sign. At Green Sign Company our American Brand EMCs (Electronic Message Center) Broadband Wireless and DSL provide a high-speed internet connection to communicate with the sign. With Broadband Wireless it makes it easier to network and control several signs, in multiple locations, from a single computer. Our American Brand Company offers a broadband wireless data plan that provides dependable service across Verizon’s 3G network coverage area. It is an inexpensive way for you to get reliable broadband wireless service for signs up to 80,000 pixels.

Batesville Liquor Co - Branding Package

Batesville Liquor hired Green Sign Company to create a new handcrafted logo and exterior lighted sign package. This package consisted of dimensional acrylic letters with a classic style external light fixtures. To tie the dimensional lettering and beautiful lighting together, we designed, manufactured and installed custom, internally illuminated, channel letters above the main entrance.

Wood-Mizer - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

Wood-Mizer is another one of the many companies that we work with Nationwide. At their new location in Hannibal, NY they entrusted Green Sign Company to manage the installation of new channel letters on their building.

Comfort Inn - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

This Comfort Inn location is Wilder, KY was having trouble with "OMF" and "Star Burst" not illuminating. Our professional service technician was able to repair the sign with new neon and new lamps in the lettering.

Acra Automotive - Vehicle Graphics - GSC 100 Series

At Green Sign Company we can take an ordinary vehicle and make it extraordinary. Our Design team designed and wrapped this truck for Acra Automotive and now their business will be noticed wherever this vehicle travels.

GSC Custom Flag Pole Bob Poynter Seymour IN

Bob Poynter - Flag Pole Installation

Green Sign Company has done multiple different projects for Bob Poynter and one of our favorites was installing the 80-foot flagpole in their parking lot.

GSC 650 Series Multi Tenant Muncie Market Place Muncie IN

Muncie Market Place - Multi-Tenant Sign - GSC 650 Series

The lettering for the name of the shopping center is made out of non-illuminated channel letters. The tenant panels are double-faced and internally illuminated and can be masked with flexface material or polycarbonate faces.


Premier Truck Rental - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E/750 Series

This contemporary sign is made up of forward/reverse LED illuminated channel letters and border, and CNC routered aluminum lettering backed with acrylic. As an added touch, Premier Truck Rental wanted to keep their customers up to date with an American made electronic message center.

Encore Insurance - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

Encore decided to go with the internally illuminated awnings for the facade of their insurance office. These specific awnings have double lamp high output illumination with an egg crate bottom and provide extra security after hours.

Dexter Tire - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

Dexter Tire decided to go with the internally illuminated awnings for the facade of their tire shop. These specific awnings have double lamp high output illumination with an egg crate bottom.

Greasy Dicks Lube Shop - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Done Right Diesel - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Auto Max - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

MVP Sports - Monument - GSC 800 Series

Monument style signage by Green Sign Company is affordable, long lasting signage. Our monument signs are made from a stucco background and customized with PVC dimensional letters and logos covered with 3M vinyl graphics.

Green Sign Options - GSC 750 Series

Our experience and craftsmanship allow Green Sign Company to offer many different styles of channel letter signs allowing you to stand out from your competition.

Hoppe Jewelers - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

These custom polished metal channel letters are backed with LED halo illumination, to give it an exceptional glow.

Art Van Furniture - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

Art Van Furniture is a huge internally illuminated, remote contour logo and channel letters on a raceway. At Green Sign Company we only use the most premium LED lighting to illuminated our signs and this project was no exception.

Neon Signs - GSC 700 Series

Green Sign Company has installed and serviced multiple locations of custom neon sign and sign cabinets. Creativity is what we strive on, let GSC custom design, engineer, manufacture and install your next neon sign project.

Agresta Storms & O-Leary CPA - Dimensional Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

One of the many signs that Green Signs created for Agresta, Storms & O'Leary was this HDU sign panel, CNC relief background with raised logo and text.

The Village Workshop - Handcrafted Dimensional - GSC 500 Series

The Village Workshop's double sided hanging wall sign is handcrafted with added dimensional letters and logo. The sign was primed and painted with automotive grade paint and finish for long lasting protection from the elements.

Absolute Style Salon - GSC 100, 200, 300, & 750 Series

This was a fun and creative project that compliments the service that this salon offers. Affordable polymetal sign panels decorated with high-resolution digital prints and exterior laminate were mounted over the aluminum wall mount frame system. Also, Green Sign Company designed, manufactured, and installed interior wall letters, exterior illuminated channel letters, and a small directional sign.

American Family Insurance - GSC 300, 775, 1000 Series

Green Sign Company helped upgrade the facade from the beginning. We worked with the building owner to help pick colors and design attractive signage, lighting, and awnings, all while following the historic district's code.

Tops Tru Value - Window Graphics - GSC 100 Series

Window graphics are a great, eye-catching way to brand your business and keep the interior of your business private and secure from people passing by.

Hoppe Jewelers - Interior Branding - GSC 200, 300 Series

Laser cut acrylic letters with a gloss finish and hidden mounting is a simple & clean addition to the interior branding of a jewelry store.

Reliable Transportation Solutions - Interior Branding - GSC 100, 200, 300 Series

The interior branding on this project really changed the entire atmosphere of the Reliable Transportation Solutions office. This was a fun project that included positive and inspirational quotes on the wall graphics, plus a dimensional metal company logo added in the center.

McCamment - Custom Vehicle Graphics - GSC 100 & 900 Series

Green Sign Company created this custom artwork for this partial wrap. As with all of our vehicle wraps and decals we use high-resolution, eco-friendly, latex ink on 3M vinyl with UV protecting laminate for longevity.

TDS Towing Service - Vehicle Decals & Graphics - GSC 100 & 900 Series

TDS Towing Service has been a client of Green Sign Company for a long time and they are definitely a pleasure to work with. We worked with the owner to design the perfect logo for his multiple businesses, as well as vehicle graphics and decals for his entire fleet.

Sandman Bro Auto Dealership - LED RetoFit - GSC 600 & 775 Series

When refurbishing an old sign into a new look, we recommend retrofitting the old sign. This is a very cost-effective way of adding value to your business, it also will save time and money with local sign permitting.

RE/MAX - Multi-Tenant Sign - GSC 650 / 775 Series

Many Multi-Tenant signs are internally illuminated and this sign was no exception. We also gave it an extra special glow with a blue decorative LED border lighting.

GSC 600 & 775 Series Total Tech Connections LED Boarder and Illuminated Cabinet Batesville IN

Total Tech - Main ID - GSC 600 & 775 Series

This simple Main ID Canopy design consists of internally illuminated sign cabinets with LED decorative border.


Edinburgh Premium Outlets - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

Over the years we have done many projects at Edinburgh Premium Outlets. Most of them consisting of internally illuminated channel letters, vinyl window decals, and blade signs.

Denim 33 - Interior/Exterior & Window Vinyls - GSC 100, 200, 500 Series

Green Sign Company provide this customer with multiple options for branding their business. The interior wall and exterior dimensional signs fit with this business sleek look.

Stanstead Landing - Multi-Tenant Pylon Sign - GSC 650 Series

This custom curved, multi-tenant pylon sign is internally illuminated with Low Voltage LED lighting.