Greensburg, Indiana

Decatur Co Memorial Hospital - Donor Wall - GSC 200 / 300 Series

When initial talks about this Donor Wall began, we knew how important it was to maintain consistency with existing tree shaped Donor Walls located throughout the hospital. This plague incorporates the organic tree features in an aesthetically pleasing design while using an acrylic second surface vinyl application for a professional clean look as hospital patrons enter the 3rd floor of their advanced treatment area.

Prime Lending -Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

These channel letters are internally illuminated with white, LED lighting and covered with translucent vinyl. They are mounted on color matched, remote raceway to match the facade, giving it a clean look.

United Methodist Church - Changable Banners - GSC 110 Series

These heavy-duty vinyl banners can last a very long time by changing them out. The Greensburg United Methodist Church change their banners with the seasons giving the banners more longevity. It is a great way to provide a new fresh look to the facade of your business, church, school, etc.

GSC 100 Green Sign Series Perforated Vinyl Graphics Greensburg IN

DASI Autism Center - Perforated Vinyl Graphics - GSC 100 Series

This colorful window perforated vinyl was designed especially for DASI to make their new location, DASI Autism Center, in Greensburg both enjoyable and inviting.


Green Sign Company - Directional & Wayfinding - GSC 400 Series

At Green Sign Company we know that branding is important. We make sure to give our customers a great first impression and the ease of entering our facility with these internally illuminated directional signs.

Green Sign Company Exterior lighting repair Taco Bell Greensburg IN

Taco Bell - Interior & Exterior Sign & Lighting Repair

With state of the art, eco-friendly LED upgrades we can help you protect your brand and save you money in the process.


Advanced Vacuum Services - Vehicle Graphics - GSC 100 Series

This partial vehicle wrap is high resolution digitally printed graphics with 3M Laminate and contour cut decals. Green Sign Company's experienced wrap installation technicians ensure that every vehicle wrap is installed with minimal seams.

GSC 900 Green Signs Series Logo Design Rouge Bridal Boutique Greensburg IN

Rouge Bridal - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

NCT Technologies - Permitting - GSC 915 Series

Acra Automotive - Vehicle Graphics - GSC 100 Series

At Green Sign Company we can take an ordinary vehicle and make it extraordinary. Our Design team designed and wrapped this truck for Acra Automotive and now their business will be noticed wherever this vehicle travels.

Hitachi Chemical - Main ID - GSC 600E Series

The new Main ID is internally illuminated and carries the Hitachi brand combined with the new Electronic Message Center. An EMC is an excellent communication device for existing team and future employees or applicants.

Hitachi Chemical - Branding Package

Hitachi Chemical rebranded their entire image with a complete branding package from new vinyl decals throughout their facility, an exterior illuminated wall cabinet, and a new Electronic Message Center attached to an LED illuminated cabinet.

B&B Tooling - GSC 600 Series

The new custom designed, internally illuminated, Main Entry ID for B & B Tooling represents the quality of this custom tool shop. The CNC routered logo and text is backed with push thru acrylic, polycarbonate translucent materials and illuminated with premium LED lighting.

Mesco Manufacturing - Entry Way Awning - GSC 1000 Series

At Mesco Manufacturing, our trained technicians installed an illuminated awning for their employee entrance.

Encore Insurance - Awnings - GSC 1000 Series

Encore decided to go with the internally illuminated awnings for the facade of their insurance office. These specific awnings have double lamp high output illumination with an egg crate bottom and provide extra security after hours.

Buffalo Wings Restaurant - Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

The awnings for the facade of Buffalo Wings and Rings without a doubt matches the atmosphere of this great restaurant. The design is fun and spunky and makes their business stand out from the rest.

Agri Business Finance - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Greasy Dicks Lube Shop - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

El Reparo Restaurant - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Animal Medical Hospital - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Swine Veterinary Services - Monument - GSC 800 Series

Monument signs are a great long lasting way to showcase your business with an architectural accent. Our monument signs are made from a stucco background and customized with PVC dimensional letters and logos covered with 3M vinyl graphics.

Greensburg Veterinary Clinic - Monument - GSC 800 Series

Monument signs are a great long lasting way to showcase your business with an architectural accent. Our monument signs are made from a stucco background and customized with PVC dimensional letters and logos covered with 3M vinyl graphics.

Green Sign Options - GSC 750 Series

Our experience and craftsmanship allow Green Sign Company to offer many different styles of channel letter signs allowing you to stand out from your competition.

Historical Society - Dimensional Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

When the Decatur County Historical Society requested a custom sign from Green Sign Company we knew that it would need to match the authenticity of Decatur County. We designed a custom sand-etched redwood sign panel with added dimensional gold leaf lettering with a hand-painted image.

Kroger / KB Food - Custom Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

There are many different types of monument signs and this specific one that was done for Kroger/KB foods is sand-etched, high-density urethane sign panel with a raised logo and lettering. As with any other painted, exterior sign, Green Sign Company only uses premium automotive grade paint and finish.

Edward Jones - Dimensional Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

Green Sign Company's handcrafted custom signs are perfect for historical areas. The Edward Jones sign that we did in Greensburg has a sand etched background is painted with premium paint and High-Density Urethane lettering is covered in real gold leaf.


Decatur County Memorial Hospital - GSC 400 Series

Green Sign Company has assisted Decatur County Memorial Hospital with multiple upgrades to their branding over the year. This specific project consisted of aluminum faces over aluminum square posts that were primed and painted with automotive grade paint and decorated with 3M high-performance vinyl.

Decatur County Parks & Recreation - Custom Archway - GSC 400 Series

Green Sign Company designed and installed this custom archway for the Decatur County Parks and Recreation Department's Sports Complex in Greensburg.

Absolute Style Salon - GSC 100, 200, 300, & 750 Series

This was a fun and creative project that compliments the service that this salon offers. Affordable polymetal sign panels decorated with high-resolution digital prints and exterior laminate were mounted over the aluminum wall mount frame system. Also, Green Sign Company designed, manufactured, and installed interior wall letters, exterior illuminated channel letters, and a small directional sign.

American Family Insurance - GSC 300, 775, 1000 Series

Green Sign Company helped upgrade the facade from the beginning. We worked with the building owner to help pick colors and design attractive signage, lighting, and awnings, all while following the historic district's code.

Dr. Eversole DDS - Wall and Ground Signs - GSC 300 & 600 Series

This specific sign package includes long-lasting metal letters with a polished metal face with returns and internally illuminated monument style sign.

MainSource Bank - Window Graphics- GSC 100, 200, 300, 400, & 600 Series

Window graphics are a great, eye-catching way to brand your business and keep the interior of your business private and secure from people passing by.

Dr. Welage Optometry - Custom Window Vinyl - GSC 100 Series

Green Sign Company designed custom interior, window graphics to correlate with the new logo of Dr. Thomas Welage's facility. Adding etch vinyl to your office windows will give your office a polished look and subtly add privacy.

Dr. Welage Optometry - Branding Package

Green Sign Company produced a custom design, branding package to coordinate with Dr. Thomas Welage's new facility.

Decatur County Fire Department - Trailer Graphics - GSC 100 Series

Green Sign Company designed, manufactured and installed a partial, custom trailer wrap for the Decatur County Fire Department.

McCamment - Custom Vehicle Graphics - GSC 100 & 900 Series

Green Sign Company created this custom artwork for this partial wrap. As with all of our vehicle wraps and decals we use high-resolution, eco-friendly, latex ink on 3M vinyl with UV protecting laminate for longevity.

Green Signs Branding Packages

Green Sign Company is a one-stop experienced sign and lighting company. Our experts in original design, engineering, permitting, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance gives you the advantage to save time, money, and create a cohesive brand.

GSC 100, 200, 775 Series Hitachi Chemical Greensburg, IN

Hitachi Chemical - Interior Branding - GSC 100, 200, 775 Series

This creative project upgraded the factory's image by helping clean up their entrance with clean color and simple design. The illuminated decorative LED strips and logo boxes show that Hitachi is moving forward with technology.

RE/MAX - Multi-Tenant Sign - GSC 650 / 775 Series

Many Multi-Tenant signs are internally illuminated and this sign was no exception. We also gave it an extra special glow with a blue decorative LED border lighting.

Greensburg Billboards - GSC 610 Series

Green Sign Company offers Billboard Leasing in Greensburg and the surrounding areas.

Consulting Services for Design, Graphics, Directing, Lighting, & Maintaining Your Brand

Green Sign Company is a one-stop shop that will save you time and money. Our expert Designers and Account Reps will work with our skilled technicians to ensure that you get the most out of your brand.


Valeo - Flexface Banner - GSC 110 Series

Green Sign Company can use flexface banner, mounted to a rigid, aluminum frame system for an affordable main wall ID. You can also include backlit illumination allowing your sign to have a special glow from dusk until dawn.


United Methodist Church - Changeable Flag Mounted Banners - GSC 110 Series

These flag mounted, changeable banners with decorative brackets are perfect for a business or facility that would like to update they facade with the changing of the seasons.


Waynesburg Church - Internally Illuminated Monument - GSC 600 Sign Series

This brick monument sign is internally illuminated with a manual marquee, that has vandal cover and a custom decorative topper.

GSC 400 Series Directional Sign United Methodist Church Greensburg IN

United Methodist Church - Wayfinding Signs - GSC 400 Series

Wayfinding Signs are a great addition to branding your property. Green Sign Company can help you design something that is inviting and informative, to help your guests and patrons move through your store, church, hospital, facility, or industry with ease.

GSC 300 Series - Dimensional Metal Church Letters - United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church - Dimensional Metal Wall Letters - GSC 300 Series

Green Sign Company has done a few projects for the Greensburg United Methodist Church. These dimensional letters are made of cast aluminum, painted with automotive grade paint and stud mounted.

Denim 33 - Interior/Exterior & Window Vinyls - GSC 100, 200, 500 Series

Green Sign Company provide this customer with multiple options for branding their business. The interior wall and exterior dimensional signs fit with this business sleek look.

First Financial Bank

First Financial - Internally Illuminated Pylon Sign - GSC 600 Series

This aluminum cabinet with internal steel support with a custom engineered foundation is part of our GSC 600 Series. Its translucent sign faces with embossed logo and letters is internally illuminated.

Decatur County Memorial Hospital - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E Series

Decatur County Community Hospital in Greensburg keeps their community informed with their 10mm American made Electronic Message Center.

GSC 650 Sign Series Multi-Tenant Dr. Thomas Welage Greensburg, Indiana

Dr. Thomas Welage, O.D. - Internally Illuminated Multi Tenant Sign - GSC 650 Series

Working with our design team, we were able to create a more modern multi-tenant sign for Dr. Welage. This sign has a beautiful stone base and the cabinet is internally illuminated with LED lighting.